JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 26 :: what if everything went right?

26 Jan
I started off my day with a birthday surprise…  a beautiful message from my Aunt sitting on my iPhone which I read while sitting in the bathroom trying to wake up to another year.  It said, “I like to think of you and Amy standing 3 1/2 feet tall and needing your hair braided. Celebrate and have a blissful birthday!”

It’s hard to believe I was ever only three and a half feet tall. I feel like I was born standing at a full six feet, hitting my head on door jams, tripping over my own feet, you know, the stuff that tall girls are made of. Of course I’ve grown out of that awkwardness… mostly…but there are few people in my life that remember braiding my hair. It felt like a hug in the most wonderful way.

And then these Gorgeous Flowers arrived!

And then I opened up this Bracelet that arrived in the mail! 

And then I remembered that it is Brady’s birthday too. Or at least the closest that we know of…. he’s now three. THREE!

I also traced over a new saying on my chalkboard to further solidify this next  year of my life. It says… “What if everything went right?”

And somewhere in the middle of all that, and the everyday regular Monday conference calls of planning and work and to do lists, I thought of my Mama Sling. 

My birthday is really “her” day in so many ways. I have spent most of my life intoxicated with the idea that my birthday is all about me, you know the candles, the wishes, the presents. But really, I can’t imagine what she went through on that day. A day of birth that was really about her dreams, full of anticipation and doctors, of plans and preparation for herself as a mother and the baby she carried for nine months to ultimately usher into this world with a bang. I broke her tailbone.

I wish I could hear her tell me the story all over again about the day I was born. This time I would listen and and hear it from her perspective, see it through her eyes, and appreciate the life that she created for me. And then, of course, I might ask her to braid my hair.

Because in those moments, everything went right. And there’s something I know that is beyond true:  the more we focus on that which is right the more we receive it.

So here’s to a year of everything going right.
What if?  

More tomorrow. 

 {what if everything went right with you?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 25 :: birthday eve #yougotthis

25 Jan
It’s my birthday eve. So this weekend I treated myself to some of the things that bring me bliss, all in prep for the birthday “day” (which being on a Monday makes it somewhat of a, well, not a Friday).

Some of my favorite moments: 
– Spa!
– Hair!
– Nails!
– Mocha!
– Chinese Take Out!
- Movie!
– Justin’s homemade dinner!

But I have to admit, I feel pretty neutral about this birthday. Maybe because it’s hard to beat the surprise party my besties threw last year that left me in total shock. And in an absolute bubble of love. Good thing too. Less than a month later I was diagnosed with a lump in my left breast and ushered into my 40th year with a handful of surgeries.

So this year, I’m celebrating The Big Day by trying to enjoy the everyday.  Like taking a second away from my phone and email to make a moment for day dreaming at the spa. Like noticing how soft my hair was after a new cut and color, each strand tamed and silky smooth. Like marveling at the way the Chinese Take Out box was perfectly stacked as not to spill on the way home.

I even had a deep belly laugh at the message on top of my coffee cup this weekend, as it reflected back to me the words, “You Got This” since that was my mantra last year.

Because if there is one truth I am understanding more and more with age, it’s that turning a year older is a privilege, not a right (thank you DMV manual for that nugget of wisdom!). 

It’s interesting…. the things that bring me bliss are getting more simple each year. 

But some things never change. Tonight I am breathing deeply to reflect on the incredible appreciation I have for lifelong soul mates, new adventures, and old friends. Here’s to another year.

It’s a privilege.
And a pleasure.

More tomorrow. 

 {what are your simple pleasures?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 24 :: spa bliss

24 Jan
If a dog is Man’s Best Friend then the spa just might be a girls. Or mine. Okay, I can’t choose, I love our pups more than a spa … but sometimes a girl’s got to do what a girl’s got to do.

Spa Day!

Today my hairdresser had extra time so she styled my hair. I cannot tell you the last time I sat to have my hair styled …. STYLED with a curling iron.  It sort of felt like a teenage version of myself getting ready to go to the Prom.  As I left the spa in a cloud of hairspray I felt my bubble burst. My hair was way to prettified to go home. 

Going home felt like such a boring answer to my glorified styled up hairdo. Ironically as I drove myself through the familiar streets on my boring path home, there was an NPR program dedicated to power of boredom.

The program was all about boredom and how it literally doesn’t exist anymore. The death of boredom as we knew begins at the first hint of our minds screeching to a halt because we grab the cell phone in our purse and find something to occupy the minds.

Which is a brilliance killer. Apparently boredom bears brilliance or at least leads to more creativity.  Now that’s something to ponder (when you’re not looking at your phone!).

As I arrived home with my curled up  hair I realized one of the reasons why I love going to the spa. It’s a break. It’s a moment when I can’t be disturbed. While my head is in the sink or under the hot lamps my mind lets go and drifts to something it hasn’t had time for …day dreaming.

So maybe daydreaming is part of the path to bliss?
Hold the phone. Let me think about that. 

More tomorrow. 

 {do you have time to daydream?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 23 :: bliss is better than stress

23 Jan
I’m closing out my work week. It’s been a stressful week (thank you DMV) but I’m ready for the weekend and a little relaxation to arrive. I have to say, it’s been a good reminder for me to choose bliss over stress.

The challenge is to remember that in the moment.

More tomorrow.

 {what do you choose?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 22 :: coming back from failure

22 Jan
The good news: I passed my drivers knowledge test today.
The bad news: It was tricky.

I was sweating as it came down to the final three questions. I answered the last question correctly after sitting in my chair looking at the screen trying to differentiate the subtle nuances between answers A or B.  A or B? A or B?  They were so similar, it made my head hurt.

I mean, seriously, does the drivers knowledge test need to be quite so tricky? It’s not a college entrance exam. The Drivers Manual is mostly cold, hard facts, much of which you have to absorb in the real world, on real roads, behind a real steering wheel and make a decision in a matter of split seconds.

But enough of my complaining…. I passed!

There were many who didn’t. As I stood in line waiting for my photo to be taken I overheard a mother scold her son on the way out of the DMV. “No XBOX for you until you pass this test.”

Part of me wanted to tell her that the test wasn’t so easy. Then part of me realized that maybe it’s a good thing the test isn’t a piece of cake. As the manual says, “driving is not a right, it is a privileged.”

And that’s a privilege I am thankful for.
Oh bliss!

More tomorrow.

 {what privilege are you thankful for?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 21 :: sharing bliss

21 Jan
I have to admit I feel a bit sheepish after complaining last night about failing my drivers knowledge test. The indignant teenager inside of me reared her ugly head. I especially felt like biting my tongue after watching this video from New England Disabled Sports.

It was sent to me by family members who are raising money to help NEDS keep up their good work in the world. And, I have to say, it makes me pause and be totally amazed at the joy these athletes must experience when they speed down a mountain for the first time. (And of course, be grateful for the abilities I do have. Cue the disappointment in myself for complaining last night.)

But we are here to talk BLISS!
So I give you this:

There are so many ways to share bliss. If you want to learn more about New England Disabled Sports, please click here.  If you want to share your resources and give back then check out this link.


More tomorrow.

 {ready to do some good?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 20 :: driving into failure

20 Jan
I first learned to drive when I was a teenager. My parents didn’t let me near the “real” car until I proved my stellar skills at holding a paper plate in one hand as a “pretend steering wheel” and a baseball bat in the other as a “pretend stick shift”. I rolled my eyes a lot as teenagers do but it was a good exercise in patience and practice.

My fiend Lindsey’s mom then took us out into a rocky, dried up, field of sage brush and let us practice giving each other whiplash as we figured out how to maneuver the “real” stick shift and put a “real” car into gear. I’m confident we disturbed the wildlife living under those Idaho lava rocks (snakes!) but the roads were safe until we mastered the art of driving.

We then took Drivers Ed and were issued the card of teenage freedom.  A drivers license.

I’ve been driving ever since and have never looked back. Until today. I failed my drivers license test. Seriously. I’ve been putting off changing over my license until I had all the surgeries behind me. (What I should have done was study the manual during my recoveries!)

I have to say today was not a moment of bliss as I starred at those big letters pop up across the testing computers screen screaming FAILURE. I was just one question short of passing. One question! ARG!

The good news is that I can go back tomorrow.
Second chances are good, maybe not blissful, but I’ll take it (AGAIN!$%$3@!!).

More tomorrow. 

 {looking for a second chance?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 19 :: workout wear

19 Jan
I’ve worn workout clothes all day and still have not “worked” out unless of course you count typing.

It’s a double-edged sword in a way. Emotionally, I feel more fit and athletic in my workout clothes. Physically I am no more fit or spry than I was when I rolled out of bed this morning and pulled on yoga pants and my Nike Pro top.

I wore athletic clothes today so that I would work out. 
And I didn’t.

Funny thing is my workout clothes do bring me bliss. And they do make me feel more fit.
Even when I sit at my desk all day and work. 

Do I get bliss points for feeling good?

More tomorrow. 

 {do you love your workout wear?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 18 :: pats-tastic bliss

18 Jan
So….. that was a day full of football. And some serious bliss (and panic) inducing games, especially if you are a Seahawks fan. Over here we are in Patriot bliss! That game was Pats-tastic! Holy Patrimony!

Ironically we are Patriots fans living in Seahawks territory who happen to be related to some serious “Hawks” fans. (Every time they talk about the 12th man I think they are referring to Tom Brady.)

Tonight, when we shared both of our teams victory over the phone, Justin tried to get his little niece to say “Go Pats!” and he promised that he would say, “Go Hawks!”  Being a young Seahawks fan and a smart little cookie her response was, “You go first.”

As Vince Lombardi said, “People who work together will win.”

So bring on this family splitting Superbowl Sunday. At least we have a few weeks to prepare, and tease, and root on Number 12 …. Tom Brady that is!

Go Pats. 

More tomorrow. 

 {what team brings you bliss?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 17 :: score!

17 Jan
In my first year of making a promise I didn’t shop. For 365 days. It was a brutal, amazing, insightful, incredible journey of the heart. So I find it totally ironic that my bliss moment of the weekend is this:  A brand new BCBG sweater.

It’s new to me. I found it at the thrift store accidentally while we were looking for a vintage speaker adapter. I couldn’t pass it up as it was $8.95 and never worn with tags still hanging from it. The tag read $210.00. I paid less than eight.

And ironic.

Coco Chanel said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” And I think this sweater is totally classy in soft white cashmere-feeling cream while the price was totally fabulous for a spontaneous find.

But it’s the fit that counts the most, that I know is true. It fits perfectly which make this moment just a little bit of bliss-full-ness.

Small but fun.

More tomorrow. 

 {what is small but fun for you?}

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