JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 293 :: an interview

22 Oct
Tomorrow night kicks off a new interview series over here, and well, you’re invited!

If you want to know more about how I made it through this year, this breast cancer diagnosis, this surprising turn of events with my head, heart, body and soul still intact, then you might want to tune in and find out more!

Tomorrow night, as part of my peak performance year I am interviewing the woman I turned to for help and healing ….my medicine woman! Yes, that’s right. Medicine. Woman. She is incredibly powerful and graceful and inspiring and if you are even just a little bit intrigued I hope you sign up to hear more.

Here’s a little note from my medicine woman to me:


From Levity Laughing Star to Jamie’s spiritually adventurous posse:

Close your eyes, center, be still, be empty….ask “Will I benefit from this introduction??”
   If “yes” – be there or be square!!!!!

Tomorrow I will share how I began working with a medicine woman, why I made the decision, what it was like and how it helped me. You will also hear directly from her on what it means to be a medicine woman and how her work began.

The big bonus is that if you sign up you will receive a recording of the event and a meditation you can take with you. If that sounds amazing, well, see you tomorrow night.

If that sounds just plain wacky, then no worries. I will be interviewing other amazing people in other lines of work in the near future. All in the name of peak performance!

More tomorrow. 


 {who do you turn to for help?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 292 :: almost home milestones

21 Oct

Almost home! Milestones!

I’m on the plane, headed home. I will officially post this when I land. But for now, I’m writing on a plane, reflecting on some serious milestones from my two-week adventure from Portland to Chicago to Houston to Dallas to San Francisco and back again.


It’s good to be on the home stretch. And speaking of stretching, I’m quite proud of my own personal milestones while I have been away. My STRETCH goals if you will.

You see I paid to check my big, heavy bag on this trip. PAID the airlines to pack my luggage for me. Today when I plopped the big bag on the scale at the United gate the digital reader flashed a red “50” back at me. Fifty pounds is the limit. Fifty pounds it is!

Not only did I pack my bag perfectly to the fifty-pound limit, I also lifted a fifty-pound bag.

See? Milestones. Here are some more from my big circular trip around the west.

  1. I have officially touched the floor with my arms. The reason I brought that big heavy bag with me on this trip was to drag my yoga mat along for the ride. My aim was to keep up my commitment to my Pilates stretching. And, I am happy to report I used it.
  2. I’m also thrilled to report I touched the floor with my arms. Laid out on my back with my arms spread wide I touched the back of my hands to the floor. This may seem like a common, normal, everyday sort of thing. And it used to be for me B.M. (before mastectomy).  But not now. These days touching the floor with my hands in an uber accomplishment. A celebration. A call for happy tears.
  3. I also ran on the treadmill. Ran. On. The. Treadmill. Also a first since B.M. Okay, so I only ran for like 30 seconds at a time, but did you read that I ran on a treadmill!!??

Small milestones add up.

And these small stretches are stretching and pulling my body back into peak performance. I’m still just a shadow of my former physique, but I can feel my muscles inching back. One itty, bitty, tiny, infinitely small move at a time.

And that’s a great reminder for me.
It only takes one move to create the next.

What’s your next move?

More tomorrow. 


 {what’s your next move?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 291 :: this life changing moment

20 Oct

It kind of feels like Oprah week around here. My apologies if it’s getting old, but then again, I did see OPRAH in person! This week. Up close! 

As the days go on and I slowly move out of vacation mode and back into work/regular routine/ normal life mode, I am reflecting on the power of the weekend. 

Today, on my official day off, while Sara and I were enjoying (and wincing) over a seriously deep tissue massage pedicure, she asked me if the weekend was a life changing event. I believe she said something along the lines of, “You read and study this stuff all the time so I’m curious if anything was new to you?”

She’s my best friend. She knows me better than anyone. She can ask me that.

I didn’t’ have to pause to answer. But I did have to admit that while the content wasn’t new, the affirmation was. I’ve been at this long enough now to see the threads that run through all the advice, the deeply profound moments, the soul lifting techniques and the aha moments.

And I am truly aware of the fact that Miss O was putting on the show of her life. It was a peak performance, channeling more than the diva inside of her.

And why does that matter?
Because everything we do matters.

Whether it is showing up to work or working out. Pulling out a peak performance IS profound because it transforms everyone around us. Life changing moment or daily routine of life, it’s all the same. All the moments add up. Every single one. Each being a launching pad to the next.

So yes, it was a life changing moment. Just like this one is as I prepare to hit the “send” button on this post.

Every moment is a life-changing moment.  Because everything matters.
And I’m starting to think that THAT is really peak performance.

More tomorrow. 


 {what is your next life-changing moment?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 290 :: the importance of clarity

19 Oct

I promised a little bit more tonight from the Oprah event this weekend and here it is! A little clip from Oprah on her best advice to create the life of your dreams.

A little nudge from Miss O. Click below to watch the video.

More tomorrow. 


 {are you clear about what you want?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 289 :: what promise will you make?

18 Oct

It was another amazing day uplifted in the presence of Miss O. In fact, she came so close to us today that we all stopped paying attention to our assignment (yes, homework) and started taking photos of her touching the crowd.

Beyond the reflection and homework, there were many words of wisdom, which I will share tomorrow. But for tonight, here’s just a few nuggets to hold onto:

“Stop trying to squeeze your life into one that doesn’t fit.” – Iyanla Vanzant

“When you don’t know what else to do, just love.” – Iyanla Vanzant

And of course, my favorite….
“What promise are you willing to make today?
A promise you are willing to keep?” – Oprah Winfrey

Of course I am partial to promises. They go deeper than goals. And so, tonight, as I sit here soaking in all the messages, and reminders, the wisdom and the reflections …I wonder… what promises are you willing to make?

(We can talk more about this one tomorrow!)

More tomorrow. 


 {what promises are you willing to make?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 288 :: a night with oprah #LifeYouWantHou

17 Oct

Where do I begin? How about the goodie bag!!? What’s not to love about a goodie bag!?

It was of course an amazing goodie bag (although I’m pretty bummed that the Mophie juice pack doesn’t fit my 5c iphone … it only fits 5 and 5s….wah!). But I am really not complaining, not at all. I am on a little bit of a high that I’m sure will continue for a few days.

There were so many highlights, I’m not sure where to start or where to stop. So why don’t we start at the beginning.

We arrived in O Town this morning to a crowd of women bursting with energy inside the makeshift town hall, or maybe it was more like O’s version of the county fairgrounds?

As we walked around the tents peering inside to see what lovely surprise waited for us a woman stopped us.

“Would you mind talking on camera about fashion?” she said.

I almost laughed out loud. Boy, do I have a lot to say about fashion! Mostly about not shopping and what it does for the head, heart, body and soul. And how it sent me down an entire journey of lovemore-fearless, abundance, peak performance, goal seeking, looking for the beauty in life adventures.

But they just wanted a sound bite.

So in front of the camera I just summed it all up as beauty starts on the inside. And I believe that… because of all that soul-searching said adventure that not shopping has sent me on, including being here at Oprah’s Live The Life You Want Weekend.

Finally, show time arrived. The lights dimmed. Little lights twinkled all around the stadium. Our wrists lit up too!

Oprah walked onto the stage in a long, yellow gown. She seemed lit up from the inside out, and as the spotlights followed her down the stage it was almost as if she was also lit from somewhere else. Something else, more powerful, channeling a message of life and love.

Her first question as she gazed over the crowd was, “Why are you here?”
I felt as if she meant it on a deeply profound level, way beyond the walls of the Toyota Center.

Oprah then shared her life story and the lessons she has learned from living a big life. Her struggles, her triumphs, her major life moments. As she sang to the crowd, she seemed to summon every part of her being into the hour and half address. Part journalist, part actress, part little girl singing in the choir, part fashionista, part network media mogul, and part spiritual leader. She seemed, in many ways, to be doing her greatest work and sharing her most powerful message. No surprise, it all comes down to LOVE.

As I sit here tonight reflecting on the experience I am in awe of her spirit, her bravery, her vision, her energy and her love.

It was, indeed, as if I witnessed a peak performance.

More tomorrow. 


 {why are you here?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 287 :: running into oprah

16 Oct

I ran into Oprah at CVS today. Well, not really, not the REAL Oprah. Her face did jump out of the magazine rack at me.  And I was like, “Oh, hi! See you tomorrow!”  Wink. Wink.  Then I bought my toothpaste and tampons.

The reason I am going to Oprah’s event tomorrow is because right after my mastectomy I received a text message. It was from Kim. She asked me if I wanted to be her guest at Oprah’s Houston event. Even on intense pain killers and mind numbing medications at the time I instantly knew the answer was a wholehearted YES! In all caps!

So I have to admit, I am excited to participate in Oprah’s event tomorrow and hear what all the speakers have to share and say about peak performance in work and in life. I think it’s the perfect way to round out my peak performance year (thus far). And I have Kim to thank for bringing me along for the ride. For making this little dream come true.

And for that I want to say something. Thank You.

I am convinced that it’s never just one person who makes their peak performance dreams come true.  There is a long line of teachers, mentors, friends, doctors, scouts, lawyers, accountants, assistants, family, and miracle workers standing behind us.

Who knows what dream you made come true for someone else yesterday, today, tomorrow … right now.

All I know is that it takes a village. That’s how I have come through with flying colors after a year of three surgeries and shocking diagnoses. I had a long string of strong-willed, big-hearted, never give up on me people carrying me through the worst of it. They were by my side for the good, the bad and the utterly confusing.

And now I’m on the other side. So it’s time I give back.

Next up! A new series from me to you. I will be interviewing one of my “helpers” next week. If you would like to find out more, please click here

I will share more from Oprah in Houston tomorrow. Until then, you got this. Whatever it is that you have ahead of you. Because there is a long line of people rooting for you — and I am one of them.

More tomorrow. 


 {what’s your dream?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 286 :: hello houston…girl time

15 Oct

I made it to Houston! And now I am buckling down here to finalize some work before I go play at Oprah’s The Life You Want Weekend.

I have high hopes for the event and for the weekend too. I’m sure I will learn something new — and I promise to share it with you here too.

But tonight, I’m sitting in a comfy hotel bed with a slice of chocolate cake and a silly little chick flick on TV.

Sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

More tomorrow. 


 {what’s on your to do list?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 285 :: and the next book is…

14 Oct

The Four Desires is next on my list. Have you read it? Want to join me in reading it? 

Many thanks to Cait for writing in and sharing this book recommendation (and to everyone else too!).

More tomorrow. 


 {what’s the next book on your list?}

JAMIE’S BLOG – DAY 284 :: your book recommendation?

13 Oct

In my year of the peak performance promise I am ready to read my next book about, well, peak performance… and it occurred to me that maybe I should ask you for some ideas!

Have a go-to favorite?

If so, please send my way! Email, phone, or text me or even comment on the blog, but don’t hold back. I’m curious to know… what systems/books/ideas do you trust or use for peak performance?

It never hurts to ask.

More tomorrow. 


 {who can you ask for help?}

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