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Day 164: wasting time splitting hairs

13 Jun

I’ve just spent the last hour cutting off the split ends at the end of my long locks.
I think this officially counts as wasting time splitting hairs.

Funny thing is:
In the process I received some really good ideas and solved some challenging questions in my head

I blame the screen.
There are too many of them.  On my computer, my phone, the iPad, the TV, my nano from Integrative Nutrition, the Garmin in my car.

Screens, screens everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Over the past hour, over a pair of scissors and some seriously split ends, I just pried myself away from all imaginable screens.

Hairdressers everywhere are cringing at this very moment. 
They are doubled over with grief and humiliation.  “No, not the home remedy for split ends!” they cry.

You may be too.

I know, I desperately need my hair cut and have been putting it off amongst the travel, move, and a pretty packed schedule.  It flies in the face of The Promise 365 and all it stands for (to be fair it wasn’t head, heart, hair, body & soul!).

I will call tomorrow to schedule a haircut.

But, tonight, I am grateful for the tiny splits at the end of my hair.
They gave me a small vacation, an itty-bitty break, a little respite.

They also gave me something priceless, a trip into my own head where I figured a few things out:

1)  What to give my dad for Father’s Day. (I would tell you, but then he might find out and it wouldn’t be a surprise, and then we would all feel guilty, and that wouldn’t be good for anyone’s head or heart.)

2)  I figured out how to follow up on a work proposal that I have been sitting on, noodling and dragging my feet.


3)  Inspiration for a blog post, the one you are reading now.

Never fear salons everywhere!
I am not advocating we women take scissors into our own hands (at least not permanently). Well, I’m sure it’s okay to cut a few split ends now and then, or maybe even up some bangs.  You get the point.  Hey, it’s not worth splitting hairs over.

But, I do know this:
A little time away from the big screen (and little screen, and teensy-weensy screen) can do wonders for the head. 

Maybe even the heart.


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