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Day 171: up pup! pup up? poor pup.

20 Jun

Poor Pup.
Last night his back legs gave out.  They just started to droop and went completely limp.  He couldn’t get up the steps.   Mind you, these are the steps he bounds up and down each and every day with excitement to go outside.

Just a slight whisper of “O-U-T” gets Pup UP on all fours, excited and dancing around.  But last night he had very little interest in moving inside let alone outside.

He was in pain.
And it was breaking my heart.

None of us slept well.
This morning we rose early in hopes that maybe Pup slept it off, but not so. He could barely get himself out of the folds of his doggy bed.

Justin wrapped Pup in a blanket and placed him in my car and off I went to see if I could get Pup off the island and up to our trusted vet and cousin Brian at Countryside.

With Pup in tow, and a sample of his latest stool in a little sandwich baggie in my trunk (lovely) I waited in line for a ferry opening to get off-island (not an easy feat in the height of summer).

Pup and I finally boarded the freight ferry, made the long drive north and Pup checked into Countryside before noon.

Pup had x-rays.
I had a coffee.
Pup laid on the floor.
I sat still in my pajamas.

The x-rays showed what appears to be a slipped disk.
Now Pup is up at what we call “Camp Countryside”  the best vet hospital in the country. He will be monitored for the next 48 hours.

If all goes to plan Pup will have a few shots and be on bed rest for three weeks.  We’re all crossing our fingers and paws.

Until then, I have pajamas and 1.5 changes of clothes I threw in a bag as I hurried to get out the door.  As Justin said tonight, “This may be one of those times when you just need to break down and buy something.”

To which I declared, “No way! I’m not stopping my non-shopping streak yet.”

But of course, it turns out I don’t have to worry.
Just like my dream the other night, it turns out I have everything I need.
Because Brian gave me permission to borrow from boxes of Cindie’s clothes that are still in the basement.

Thank you Brian.
Thank you, again, Cindie.
Get well soon Pup!


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