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Day 174: what do you want to keep doing?

23 Jun

Today I visited Pup at the clinic. 

I was so elated that everyone I met at Countryside knew who “Pup” was when I asked for him. One vet tech even told me how much she adored Pup and sat with him to make sure he got all of his meds one night.

It’s so wonderful to know he is in such great hands!

And, it was so great for me to see the little guy, although I couldn’t help but feel like I had barged into his summer camp and broken some rule about hugging him in front of his new friends and giving him treats.

In fact when Pup first came into the visiting room he was more interested in smelling all the floor panels and corners to find out what other dogs had been before him versus showering me with big slobbery kisses.

I take all of this as more good news, good signs, good progress.

Which brings me back to the Pop Quiz from yesterday.

Yesterday I asked these specific questions:
How do you want to celebrate your good health?
What do you want to keep doing?
What do you want to stop doing?

What do you want to add in?

I also promised answers so here are mine:

What do you want to keep doing?
I want to continue to understand and break my chocolate and sugar addiction

What do you want to stop doing?
I want to stop relying solely on others to cook for me (that includes restaurants and my dear Justin – it’s time I cook something for him, that tastes good)

What do you want to add in?
I want to try a new treatment each month at a spa
I want to add in a more consistent schedule of yoga and body work
I want to drink more water

That’s it for me (for now).
I hope you had some time to think about these questions or maybe come up with some new ideas of how to celebrate your good health too.

If there is one thing Pup has taught me this week, it’s this:
not to take the ability to run after a ball or jump up and down for granted.



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