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DAY 2: the rules

2 Jan

Welcome back. Glad you are here.

Are you ready for the rules?
As a reminder, the whole point of this is to be aware of what goes in and on my body, for one year.

The Promise 365:

1) No frivolous shopping for 365 days, starting January 1, 2011.

2) Purchases may occur in the following categories: Head, Heart, Body, Soul. Because these are really investments, in me.

3) When tempted by a potential frivolous purchase, it must be analyzed. What is really going on? What do I really want or need?

4) After analyzing and determining what is emotionally or physically at play, find another way to meet the want or need through a healthy alternative (head, heart, body, soul).

So that’s it. Easy right!?

We’ll find out.

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