Day 6: you can do anything for one year

6 Jan

Someone once told me you can do anything for one year.

At the time I heard her say this, I was skeptical. Very skeptical. Possibly because I was just 20 years old, still in college and living on an erratic schedule of school-on and school-off, summer break and J-term days.

Quite possibly, it was also because she was describing her time in the Peace Corp living without food and eating bugs.

Back then I thought she was crazy, but now I realize she was just more experienced and evolved.

It’s amazing what you think you can’t do before you actually attempt to do it.

Listen, I don’t plan on eating bugs, that’s not the point. I do plan on keeping my promise, writing every day this year and not spending frivolously, and being fully aware of what I put in and on my body.

Which brings me back to this: you CAN do anything for one year.

On my way home from Publix supermarket yesterday, I started my car and saw the mileage light up. It flashed 365 miles. That’s my car’s way of telling me how many miles I have before I am required to schlep back to the gas station and fuel up.

The point is, I noticed.
The number 365 jumped out at me from below the speedometer.  365 is following me around this year because I have made a promise to be more aware of it.

It’s amazing what you notice when you are tuned in and aware.

This is what I am aware of today:

  • 365 days = one year
  • 365 miles = a full gas tank
  • 365 minutes = almost a work day
  • 365 degrees = Full Perspective.

Full circle is 360 degrees.  But, I think full perspective takes me 365 degrees.

Sometimes I have to go full circle and then some to really understand where I have been and what it means. I have to stand in the same place, turn all the way around and look over my shoulder one more time to fully be aware of what I’ve done, where I’ve been and what it means.

It’s being on the other side and looking back that gives me strength.

And, I think that’s what the Peace Corp lady was trying to say to 400 wide-eyed students when she said… You CAN do anything for one year.

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