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Day 7: professional shopping advice

7 Jan

Since I am not spending any extracurricular time shopping this year, it doesn’t really make sense for me to give anyone shopping advice.

So I’m not.

But, I will share some expert advice from a professional shopper and a woman I am so honored to call my friend …Ms. Holly Getty!

Holly is known in New York City for helping individuals liberate their personal style, she helps them create a signature look that allows them to feel good in any situation while working within their budget.

Holly has spent most of her career working in the fashion industry for such notables as Jones New York, J. Crew, Liz Claiborne, Bergdorf Goodman and Calvin Klein.

When I told Holly about the inkling of my idea for The Promise 365, she shared with me her own personal shopping tips.  I loved them so much I asked Holly if I could publish on The Promise 365. She said yes, so here you go:

Tip #1: Decide if it really belongs to you.
Holly never purchases anything without first deciding if the item really belongs in her life. How does she do this? She walks around the store with it in her hands for 10 minutes before purchasing it. After taking just 10 minutes to sit with the idea she knows.

Tip #2: Shop as if there is no return policy.
Holly appreciates the way many overseas stores do not have a return policy because it makes a shopper really think before purchasing. If you buy it, it will be yours. A “no return” mind set solidifies the finality of a purchase.

What I love about Holly’s tips is they are all about personal awareness.

If I had a dollar for every item that sat forgotten in my closet because it didn’t fit well, was an impulse buy, was a stupid idea or was scooped up on a whim, well, I suppose I would have a lot of dollars.

So, when I do start buying again in (ugh!) 2012, I will keep Holly’s advice close to my heart and more dollars in my wallet.

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