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Day 10: a perfect 10

10 Jan

My college roommate, Laura, shot me a cryptic email this morning that read:
“So, hypothetically speaking…if someone were going to buy you really cute flip flops for your birthday, what size should she buy?  Strictly a hypothetical question mind you.”

Well, that’s an easy answer:  I am a perfect 10.
In shoes. Undeniably, the only area where I have things perfectly figured out.

Size 10 shoes fit absolutely, perfectly, every time.
There is hardly a pair of size 10 shoes in the world that don’t feel like they were made for my feet (even that stubby toe of mine doesn’t mess this up).

Which is why I adore shoes. They are more pleasing than chocolate.
There is no hassle, no pulling, squeezing, sucking-in-all-the-air-in-my-lungs-until-I-turn-blue-in-the-face to slip them over my feet. They just slide right on.

In junior high I had a running count of my shoe collection. When I hit Number 100 it was a day of celebration.

I organized them by color, function and heel height in my closet.
Which was easy because I owned nothing over .000005 inch heel being 6 feet tall.

Heels were not yet in my repertoire because the boys were not yet at my eye level. It is indeed a cruel and sick joke to have an amazon woman occupying your 14 year old body.

Jeans were always too short, skirts were always too short, shorts were always, surprisingly, too short. And the boys, again, way too short.

But shoes, oh la la! They were just right.
Thus, los zapatos love affair began.

In my most recent high drama crisis, the one I call “The World’s Worst Divorce” I had a troupe of amazing friends who helped me in many ways, one of which was to move me and my stuff out of my condo. There’s nothing like a divorce to unveil your life, or your shoe collection.

In the middle of hauling yet another tub of shoes up the stairs to my new locale, my friend Sheryl looked at me and said, “where did you get all of these shoes?”  I just shrugged. Shoes have always been with me.

Sheryl then looked at my other amazing friend Sara and inquired, “if she wasn’t with ME when she bought all these shoes, and she wasn’t with YOU…” Sheryl questioned me, “who did you buy all these shoes with?”

The answer of course was, alone. I was all, all, alone when buying all of those shoes. And that’s the first day I realized I might have a shoe problem.

I’m not planning on giving up my zapatos love this year. Just being more aware of it and why I have it. While I won’t buy new shoes (at least not those that can’t help my body) I will accept them as gifts from amazing friends (just in case you are reading this Laura!).

Like they say, if the shoe fits…
Indeed, if there are two things that have always been there for me, they are shoes and amazing friends.

P.S.  It is officially Day 10.  Wooo Hoo!
Only 20 more days to go before writing every single day will become a habit.
Can’t wait.

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