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Day 13: seeing red

13 Jan

I passed this red coat in the window of Max Mara today and literally stopped in my tracks.

I was drawn to it.  My eyes caught a glimpse of that little red spark of intrigue and my heart jumped for joy.

Me likey.

Since that moment I have wondered: Why did I have such a visceral reaction to a coat?
Here’s what I’ve come up with:

It was a cold day in Naples, Florida.
I can’t complain while the rest of the country was pummeled with snow we received a slightly breezy and temperate 55 degrees. Brrrrrr! (not complaining)

There’s also something intriguing about the mismatched lapels.
It’s a design note that screams: I am creative. I am an individual. I am bold.

Here’s the play-by-play of what happened in my body:
My skin noticed the dip in temperature. My eyes spotted the coat. My heart pumped faster and my mind developed a feature-length fantasy of me walking through the open air mall in a beautiful, red, woolly work of art.

All of this in less than 5 seconds.
It was totally subconscious.

Let’s rewind a bit. This is really what happened:
I had tons of work to do and my day was perfectly scheduled. I planned to go to the early morning yoga class, then pump out a ton of work and do my afternoon calls. However, when I woke up this morning, my MacBook Pro wouldn’t turn on.

Plans ruined.
I skipped the yoga class, didn’t eat and hurried to the Apple Store.  Waited forever in line for my “appointment” with the Genius Bar, watched as they most effortlessly worked their magic and continually rebooted my computer. Once out of the throws of Apple Land, I rushed to find a spot at Starbucks to plug in and crank out at least something productive before my 2pm call.
Foiled! Starbucks was busy, all seats taken.

I left the mall in a scurry to uncover a Plan B, and that is when I saw…

A promise of comfort, ease, and warmth.
The wearer of this coat must always be on time, on schedule and totally put together, with no computer delays. Lines and hassles surely disappear in an instant when this coat arrives on the scene.

It was a fantastic fix for my rushed reality.
And, I’m not buying it.  At least not this year.

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