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Day 15: amazing just the way you is

15 Jan

Today I watched a plethora of Glee on
Too much actually, a bit of overload on my part.

My own fault, I wanted to get caught up.

Despite the campy and over-the-top glee-ness, it brings me right back to TFHS and my own teenage years (we had a show choir too, The Madrigals).

Watching teenage drama play out in the vortex of high school halls all over again makes me want to send an email to my sixteen year old self.

Scratch that, she wouldn’t know what an email was … I would send a note on white lined paper (remember that?) and it would say: girl you’re amazing, just the way you are.

Watching Glee makes me feel old. Not decrepit old, but “wow-I’ve-experienced-a-lot old.”

But, every time I hear Bruno Mars sing “you’re amazing” it makes me want to put my arms around that sixteen year old girl inside of me.

I know it’s an overplayed and oversimplified song, but in Bruno’s own words:
“It’s a simple song but it hits home, and that’s all that matters”

You’re right Bruno.
That is all that matters.

I wish I could have embraced such simple wisdom at a much younger age.

Which brings me to my next thought of the day:
Some people say life is short.
I disagree.
Life is long.

I recently heard this stat: there are over 70,000 people alive right now who are over the age of 100.

Apparently, there is also tons of data and continuing medical advancements that suggest we humans could start living to reach a ripe old age of 150.

Which makes me, in the whole scheme of things, about sixteen years old again.

Which makes this year of The Promise 365, just a blink of an eye.

So, here’s to living younger for a lot longer. And embracing each moment of amazing-ness right now.

Cause you are amazing, as Bruno says… “just the way you is”
(—> really he said that, watch the behind the scenes video below).

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