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Day 16: day of worship

16 Jan

Today is a day of worship in my house… er, apartment.
The New England Patriots worshiping kind.

It is a religion of sorts. It is indeed the chosen doctrine of my favorite man, Justin, who enjoys the weekly sermon on the mount (correction: 50 yard line).

Let me share a very important piece of data: my birthday is January 26th.

Which labels me an Aquarius. It also means as a child I endured the full swing of football season smack dab in the middle of my birthday season, and sometimes the Super Bowl landed directly on my day of celebration. (In these years specifically: 2003, 1997, 1992, 1986)

Yes. 1986.
Just what every 12 year old girl wishes for: a Super Bowl birthday party.
Lucky me!

There’s nothing that says happy birthday better than a 10 minute half-time show to hurry up and open the gifts you’ve been anticipating all year long.

I should be clear: I like football. I just like all the wrong things.

I notice the uniform colors, the promotions, all of the brands advertising.
This comes directly from my experience in the world of sports marketing and promotions. I can’t help it, it’s just how my brain works, analyzing the behind-the-scenes, the production, the product.

I usually miss the game part of the game.

I also notice this in the man I love: Justin gets just as excited about the latest New England game stats as I do about the latest Max Mara coat, Joes Jeans or Levenger paper products.

My form of worship takes place in the mall and in the glossy pages of catalogs.

Maybe we all have our own brand of a promised land?
This year, I am trying my hand at a promise. My promise to take the year off from my form of “worship” in order to be more aware, and to invest that energy into my head, heart, body and soul.

What is yours?
And if you took a year off from it, where would you invest your time and energy?
I’m not suggesting you should… just asking the question.

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