Day 20: buzz kill

20 Jan

I crave coffee.

Actually, I heart mocha. Love it.

Which is why this “How To End Your Coffee Addiction” post by Food Renegade makes me sad. Or confused.

It’s not like I’m looking to end my coffee addiction.
I very much enjoy it.

It is part of my daily routine.
Part of the comfort zone in my virtual office:

Macbook Pro – check!
Green Notepad – check!
Levenger Pen – check!
Coffee Cup – check!

I don’t drink an exorbitant amount of coffee. Somewhere between 1 – 2 cups a day.

But, it does disturb me a little – the whole caffeine addiction/nutrient deficient theory. Especially since the other side of the fence promotes coffee as a superfood/antioxidant.

Food theories and diets change like the shirt on my back.
What’s in? What’s out?

I was in the food marketing business long enough to know that food is a fad. Just like fashion has a shelf life so does the latest blueberry/kale/quinoa/ craze.

Here’s a trend I’m following this year… listening to my head, heart, body and soul.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll denounce caffeine in all forms. Maybe I’ll start eating raw coffee beans?  Maybe I’ll drink mocha upside down while patting my head and rubbing my belly? Or is that rubbing my head and patting my belly?

Or maybe not. The jury is still out.

I know this much is true — being more aware is a fun experiment.

I highly recommend.

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