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Day 21: love-love

21 Jan

My body is screaming at me.
As I sit here typing this post my legs are aching, my back is throbbing and my arms are jelly.

It feels great.

I have just finished Day 4 of a tennis marathon.
Correction: I have just lost 4 consecutive days in a row to Justin on the tennis court.

It feels fabulous!
1) Because I know I have moved my body.
2) Because I am starting to see signs of life resurface in my calf muscles.
3) Because I feel loved.

Tennis is a beautiful sport.
When I score 0 points for an entire match I still get to hear the love of my life yell “love” back in my direction.

And I love …well, love.

I am one of “those people” — you know, the kind that overuses the word love.
As in:
I love that dress!
I love these shoes!
I loooooove this mocha!

And, after playing tennis four days in a row (and losing four days in a row) I can honestly say I love losing — but only at tennis.

It’s good for my body (complete workout), heart (quality time with Justin), head (practicing sports psychology) and soul (adrenalin rush in the sunshine). Oh, yeah, I also get to wear really cute skirts!

It’s got it all.
Game. Set. Match.

So, even when I lose, it’s a win-win.
And, what’s not to love about that?

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