Day 28: the 4 hour 21 lesson mocha miracle

28 Jan

This morning I stopped at Panera to grab a mocha and a little work time before the lunch crowd arrived.

I started to order my usual Mocha, until I looked up at the calorie chart.
Cafe Mocha = 380 Calories.

I scanned down to regular coffee.
Coffee = 5 Calories.

The irony is, I ALREADY KNOW how many calories are in a mocha and regular coffee from my food marketing days. But, since I crave mocha, I usually order mocha.

Today, that looming calorie board stopped me in my tracks.
Actually, two voices stopped me in my head.

This week, I started reading two books** which have skyrocketed my awareness level:

Only been reading for two days now and they are in my head.
You are probably familiar with these authors. Both are New York Times Best Sellers, one a man, the other a woman, one a data cruncher, the other a spiritual leader.

Here’s my thinking — there can be no better way to get the “skinny” on the body system than these two thought leaders, coming at the issue from two different directions.

However, this morning while contemplating the mocha/coffee decision:

Marianne was softly saying to me:
“Your body is perfection. What fear has aroused the need of mocha for you?”

Tim on the other hand, was screaming:
“Check it out, dude! The coffee is only 5 calories.”

Guess which one I ordered?
You got it, plain, old, coffee.
I do like both, but the coffee weighed in at only 5 calories.

As I work through these books my goal is to find MY voice in the process. Maybe I’ll meet them in the middle. Maybe I’ll go crazy trying to take it all in, ping ponging back and forth. Either way, I promise to report back.

Sometimes, awareness sucks.
But, I am already feeling that the more I know in my  head about what is actually going into my body feels pretty sweet.

**(thank you for the book recommendations Debbie Phillips and Rob Berkley!)

4 Responses to “Day 28: the 4 hour 21 lesson mocha miracle”

  1. Cheryl January 28, 2011 at 6:53 PM #

    What an awesome site. Awesome idea. Great post! Good for you. Just subscribed and looking forward to more posts….
    Be well!

    • Jamie January 28, 2011 at 7:42 PM #

      So happy you are here Cheryl! Welcome (and enjoy the ride!?).

  2. Kiki January 28, 2011 at 7:39 PM #

    So funny. I went to lunch at Panera today and noticed that they list all of the calories by their sandwiches and such. In one way, I think it’s great, and I love knowing, but in another, I don’t *really* want to know how many calories are in the Sierra Turkey 😦

    • Jamie January 28, 2011 at 7:43 PM #

      Kiks! So glad you are here. I know, catch-22 right!?

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