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Day 32: victoria’s secret self

1 Feb

I have a secret.

A gift card for Victoria’s Secret that is. (thanks birthday!)

It sits and stares at me from my desk.
The pink and red stripes are taunting … Shhh! Don’t give away the secret.

There it sits as I ponder …how should I use it?

What does a girl buy when she is on a no-shopping spree?
It’s like circuit overload for my system. This might be my last chance for 333 more days to visit Vicky and the gang, pink stripes and all, and leave with new goodies in my hand or tush. Oh, the pressure!

On, a “love me” promotion for Valentine’s Day jumps from my computer screen and into my head.  It makes me wonder, just what purchase would show the most love for me?

Do I go with silky softies or cotton comfies?
Do I use it for some super sleepwear or a new under-wire?
Do I splurge on perfume? swimwear? make-up? shoes? bedding?
What about those “Let’s Go Patriots” undies?

Do I want “lacy, racy, and irresistible” or “the perfect thing for a cozy night in” or, a “smitten mix of bright florals and luscious fruits?”

Just exactly how do I express love for myself, Victoria?
I think it depends on the day of the week, and who shows up.

I just finished Chapter Two of Marianne’s book 21 Lessons.
The exercise is to write a letter to your Fat Self and Skinny Self.
Quite an interesting process, and it makes me think…

If my Fat Dimple-ty DoDo Self shows up on shopping day, it will be a “cozy night in” at Victoria’s Secret.

And …if I wait for my Skinny Bitch Self to show up it could be a little “lacy” or a “smitten mix” of the two.

Part of the healing process in Marianne’s book is to give each side of yourself  — fat side/skinny side — a chance to share with each other how they feel.

I think it’s brilliant, because I think every woman has a fat voice and a skinny voice, no matter the size.

So, even though I might regret this, tomorrow I will share the letter I wrote to what I am calling, my Fat Dimple-ty DoDo Self.

The letter is quite personal, but I don’t want to keep it a secret.
I think the more open I am, the more I share, the more you will want to be open too, to your fat side, skinny side, narrow self or wide self.

February is the month of love, and to that I say, love thyself.
Fat side and skinny side unite!

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