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Day 37: just zumba

6 Feb

While the entire country was under a snow blanket and observing the ritual of  Super Bowl XLV, I did something astounding…

I attempted to Zumba.
At Day 2 of the Integrative Nutrition Conference, an announcement came over the loud speaker: Zumba break.

A Zumba-what?
I honestly didn’t know what that meant. As everyone stood up around me, I thought, “great, I’ll get in a little stretch, warm up my muscles after sitting…”

The woman on stage began stretching, and we followed.
So far so good. Just a little stretch of the arms. It felt great.
After all, I had done Pocket Yoga on my iPhone in my hotel room before the conference started so was already warmed up and ready to go. This was child’s play.

She began bouncing back and forth.
I followed. Her legs began moving faster, side to side, arms moving up and down, limbs crossing over each other, in sequence with the music, faster, faster, faster. Boom, boom, boom.

I couldn’t keep up. My legs crossed over each other, my body swung the wrong way, as I turned and realized I was pointing in the wrong direction, looking at everyone else in the room, all 2,000 people.

Yeah, that would be right about the time I realized:  I suck at this.
I stopped and scanned the rest of the room. It was Zumberous, all 2,000 people look Zumbarific, moving at the same time.

Something went sideways in me.
I could either keep dancing/zumbaing/moving along.
Or, I could sit down to heal my wounded, two-left-footed ego.

The voice in the back of my head said throw in the towel girlfriend!

You might be able to play basketball, ski down a 3,000 foot high mountain and downward dog it all day long, but you ain’t got no Zumba muscle.

I almost sat down.
Right about the time my heart kicked in and screamed back, “DANCE!”

I realized I could travel through another dimension:
A dimension not only of sight but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s a sign post up ahead, your next stop: The Zumba Zone.

I closed my ears, opened my eyes, and danced.
It was fun. This must be what it feels like to be in a flash mob, the power of 2,000 people bouncing, moving, dancing, swaying. It filled the room. It felt great.

Later in the day, Andrea Beaman, spoke to the crowd.
Andrea told her story of writing 165 book agents and 20 publishers to chase the dream of writing her first book.  She received 165 “no” answers from book agents and 20 “declines” from publishers.

But, it didn’t stop her.
She listened to her internal voice, the one that called her to write a book, and decided to publish it herself. She then went on to star on Top Chef and now has her own show FED UP! and latest book Health Is Wealth, among many other amazing feats…

All because she listens to her internal voice — not the external one.

Here is Andrea’s recipe for success that she shared:
1) Pay attention to your intuition (internal voice)
2) Shush up the second voice
3) Take consistent daily action
4) Once you take action keep moving forward no matter what

Today, I almost missed my Zumba moment.
Because that external voice, the one that sees me from the outside, the one that gets embarrassed, the one that doesn’t want to make a mistake, didn’t want to be uncomfortable.

I Zumba’d anyway.
Sure, I was a little behind in the moves, a little off on my timing, a little out of control, and a lot silly looking.

What did I learn?
To keep moving forward you have to shut up and dance.

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