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Day 40: yoga just got hotter

9 Feb

Hot yoga night over here.

Day 2 of my week-long commitment to yoga it up with a super fabulous hot rock massage as my reward.

So far the count this week is: 2 days, 2 yoga sessions downward dogged.

Tonight was not just any yoga night: can you say Hot. Yoga. With. A. DJ?

How hot is that?
Very. Sweaty mat and towel included.
I actually wasn’t sure what to expect.
Well, I knew I would get all stretched and sweaty and sent to the edge physically. No question there.

But, yoga and a music DJ!?
Would it be hip hop night at the old Bala Vinyasa or a some meandering mellow jazz? Turns out it was totally cool.

Most yoga classes go like this for me:
Step One: Ahhhh!
The stretch feels so good. I am ready to unwind and feel the love.

Step Two: Put my foot where?
Feeling the ouchie-ouch. Trying to stay zen and on my mat but, Oh. My. God. my body doesn’t bend that way!

Step Three: Total distraction.
I am sweating rivers down my arms, I can’t keep up with the flow.
I am wobbling on one foot trying to find a spot in the room to focus my eyes in order to stay balanced, but I can’t stop noticing I am about to fall sideways and face plant into the beautiful bamboo floors.

Step Four: What time is it?
Searching for a clock in the room. How much time is left in this class anyway?

Step Five: Ahhhh.
I thought you’d never say it: Savasana!

But not tonight.
Thanks to yoga instructor, Michelle Ploog, and yoga DJ,
Ian Hyman (DJ Hyfi) my power yoga yin and yang were perfectly aligned.

Time flew by at light speed.
Michelle encouraged everyone to go to each persons physical edge while at the same time reaching out to the actual person by their side.

Seriously, we literally held each other up by the foot during some of the most heinous holding moves. (Oops, am I allowed to say heinous when referring to yoga?).

It was kind of like performing in the Rockettes, or standing in a Women On Fire closing circle: each one of us was literally and physically reaching out and extending support (and dripping sweat on each other at the same time — how beautiful is that!?)

The music was my distraction and my anchor.
I never made the connection before, music totally takes the sting out of running for me, so why wouldn’t it super-zen a yoga session? I think I stretched even deeper and longer. Now, I’m not saying I made any pigeons fly but I did hold a crow for a record .0003 seconds.

Gotta love progress.
If I can keep this challenge up through the end of the week, just imagine all the other farm animal poses I could do!?

Makes me wonder, as far as investments go:
If music and support are this powerful, how else could they super-zen or super-charge my life. How else could they help yours?

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