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Day 41: no more rack

10 Feb

As you know, I’m not shopping.
But, today, I spied a little tuxedo top.
It showed up in my email in-box, asking me to click on it.

Just one little click. What could be the harm?

It was so cute, fun, frilly and yet, so comfortable. It hails from the daily deals team at nomorerack. Can you guess the price?

Here’s a hint…

That’s right. 70% off.
It rung in right about $9.00.

“Nine Dollars?” you exclaim!
What a deal.

Sadly, not for me.
The Promise 365 has me denying my inner child the fashion fix she craves.
It also has me questioning, “why do you want this?”

As the tagline says: it’s a pretty match to a lively spirit.

Is it cute?  Yes.
Is it fun? Probably.
But, I don’t even know if it looks good on me, if it’s long enough to cover my elongated torso, if it hits me in all the right places, it if fits over the hip bones and covers ze buttocks.

So what is it?
Without a doubt, it’s the price.

It feels like a steal.
And, it is.
It would steal away in my closet for a few years, right between the black cigarette ankle pants that are too tight and the Joes Jeans that are too big. It would camp out on a hanger for awhile, until I ran out of hangers and decided to double-up and cover up perfectly good shirts with another new shirt.

As you can guess, I said NO to nomorerack.
I will say YES to yoga tonight in order to keep my promise for a hot rock massage reward next week — if I can keep my streak alive until next Tuesday, that is.

The shirt may be super cute.
But, in my heart I know: a sound body and soul would be a much prettier match to a spirit that’s alive.

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