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Day 43: i bought something

12 Feb

I love to shop!
To shop is to fall in love, over and over again.
In fact, an adventure through the aisles of Costco is just as much like an exciting fantasy escape for me as a David Fincher movie is for some (Justin? do you agree?).

It’s kind of sad, a little pitiful, I know. But, who cares?!
I love shopping. There I said it.

So, you can imagine how much I love this email campaign from Rue La La:

It’s a brilliant little Valentine’s Day tell-a-friend campaign. Of course, I can see right through the marketing manipulation — but I still love it (they know how to shoot cupid’s arrow right through the heart of their target market!).

There are a few more cutesy sayings Rue published in this TRUE Love campaign, which you already know if you’re on their list. If you’re not and you want to be, let me know, I’ll send the friend invite your way.

But as far as falling in love goes…
I actually did buy something today.

A Blender.
I hate cooking, as you know. But, it occurred to me that I just might love blending my favorite veggies and berries into a shake. Worth a try, and worth the investment of $24.99 to gulp down more greens which are good for my body and the old ticker too.

It’s not clothes or shoes, or even frivolous since we don’t have anything else that will do the job. So it is right in line with The Promise 365.  Now, the hard part starts: putting it to good use.

Do you love to blend?
Please send me your favorite smoothie recipes and I will try ’em out.

Even the spinach ones.
NO cantaloupe allowed (respectfully).

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