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Day 44: baby you’re a firework

13 Feb

Well, this is embarrassing.
Last night, in the middle of watching Russell Brand’s opening monologue on SNL, the energetic comedian mentioned he was married to Katy Perry.

“Really? Which singer is she?”
I asked Justin, further proving my age is closer to 40 than 20.

He replied, “You know, she sings the fireworks song.”

I accessed the filing cabinet in my head for pop songs on the radio and came up blank.  “Um …no. I don’t know that song”

He sang a few lines back to me in perfect pitch.
I started laughing. Hysterically, laughing. Almost falling off the couch laughing.

“OH! That song!”
I knew the song. I just didn’t know the lyrics.

Turns out, I had been belting out the song, while driving in my car, as: “Baby, you’re a part of me!” instead of “Baby, you’re a firework!”

Yeah, I know. It makes no sense.
Now, I know the real words to the song and it totally changed the meaning for me. Better song now, I must admit.

The hardest part was divulging the wrong words I had been singing all along. It took me a while to say out loud, because:
1) I was embarrassed.
2) I won’t live it down. (The next time Justin and I hop in the car, is sure to be the exact moment this song will play on the radio.)

It makes me think back to the IIN Conference I attended last weekend. Dr. John Douillard shared his recipe for success. One of the most important points he made was this:

Don’t Care.
“The biggest problem we have is being concerned about what others think.” he said.

He went on to share:
* there is no way you can make everyone happy
* it’s not about you – it’s your job to give your full self
* give a deeper, more vulnerable self to those around you
* how much of you are you willing to let out on this planet while you are here
* don’t second guess your power when you let it out

I can relate:
As I was driving down the street holding a solo concert in my car at the top of my lungs, singing the wrong lyrics to that song, I was in the moment. I was bouncing away to the beat. It was lovely, I was giving fully, possibly off key, but didn’t care.

The challenge, I suppose, is applying a “no care” philosophy to more than just singing outside of the shower and outside of the car. Living out loud in every way possible, even if the lyrics aren’t quite right, is the challenge. But one I know is worth taking.

As John Douillard says:

“Do it without thinking — and without caring.”

And, as Katy Perry sings (for real):

Baby, you’re a firework
Come on, let your colors burst

If the above link doesn’t work, go to the link directly on YouTube:

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