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Day 45: love, true love

14 Feb

“And on the 45th day she earned a hot rock massage.”
She says with a grin on her face.

Oh, wait! That’s me.

Today is officially Day 7 of the daily yoga practice which began last Tuesday. I promised myself a little reward, a super fabulous hot rock massage, if I could keep the streak alive for one whole week. That’s seven consecutive days, but who’s counting?

Today, I am here to report back.

To some, I know, seven days straight of yoga is no earth shattering record. But, to me, it is. I can honestly say, “I have never done that before.”

I can also say, it feels great.
Sure, my muscles are sore and tight, but with each passing day I have been able to stretch further and longer. What feels even better than finally holding a high to low push up is knowing I set a goal, stuck with it, and followed through.

That is the beauty of a self-imposed goal.
I am in total control. It’s up to me to downward dog-it. I can’t sit around waiting for someone else to take over my yoga mat and do it for me.

Makes me think, where else in my life have I sat around and waited for others to take the first step?

Um… how about the obvious?
Valentine’s Day.

What a crazy holiday?
One where we are bombarded by images of people sitting and waiting for others to send flowers and chocolate. I mean, really?

I have had some amazingly wonderful and lovely surprises in my life on Valentine’s Day (last year, Justin filled an entire room full of pink and red balloons).

I have also had some really bleak, soul searching, how-did-I-end-up-so-lonely-on-Valentine’s-Day pity parties too, with Ben in one hand and Jerry in the other.

Aren’t both self-imposed?
I believe it is the expectation of love that drives the experience.

Note to self:
Just like yoga starts by taking the first step and placing your stubby toes on a mat, love starts inside YOU too.

It’s your job to shoot the arrow through your own heart, and then share love with the world. Love was meant for sharing.

Note to you:
If you’re reading tonight, I hope you find time to give yourself a little Valentine’s Day party full of love and self care. Whether or not your flowers have already arrived.

In the meantime, I will be finding room in my schedule for a hot rock massage!

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