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Day 46: would you let a Kardashian dress you?

15 Feb

Here’s a question:
Would you let Kim Kardashian dress you?

Even better question:
How did I end up asking myself this question?

Well, I’ll share with you…
Somehow I ended up on the Shoe Dazzle website this weekend. Possibly from a facebook link or advertisement, but really, who knows!?

I know this …they got me, hook, line and sinker.

Not only did I hop over to the Kardashian promoted website, I fully participated in their online quiz that promised to reveal my “personal” style.

First, I had to answer questions about what diva style I prefer, with the three choices below:

Then I had to choose between screens of shoes and bags.
It’s like a multpile choice test where none of the answers apply.

It’s also like waiting for your palm to be read.
Just what would be revealed about my personal style from the desk of K. Kardashian?

I’ll share with you tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have an even better quiz for you!
Instead of just thinking about how to adorn, dress and otherwise cover up my body, I also took this quiz from Dr. John Douilllard, which reveals deeper meaning about my body:

Determine your mind-body type by taking a Body Type Quiz

It’s a quick quiz that will reveal (if you don’t already know) your Ayurveda body type classification (Vata, Pitta, or Kapha). While there, you can also learn more about the body types and how to treat imbalances.

I’ll share my body type tomorrow too.
We’ll see if it matches Kim Kardashian’s style reco’s for me.

Now, there’s a thought!
A quiz that lines up your Ayurveda body type and fashion style persona for holistically healthy shoe choices!

Eh? Eh?
Think about it…
Now I would buy that… well, not this year.

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