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Day 48: if the skirt fits

17 Feb

Last week, at the DJ rock n’ roll yoga class I met a really nice yogi who lined up her mat next to mine.

As we awaited the power yoga sweat-a-thon, we chit-chatted, exchanged names and what we did, and I told her about this blog, and my promise.

Her response was…
“Oh, so you could still buy yoga clothes!”

And, I caught myself nodding back.
“Yes! Of course.”

A split second later, I realized, that NO, was the real answer. But, right then and there, the yoga class started and we all downward dogged.

Now, how do I lean over between upward dog and downward dog to explain to this new friend of mine that I kind-of lied? I didn’t mean to, I just got caught up in the moment of new friendship and wanting to be agreeable.

Quite possibly it was pre-class nerves that led me to nod back in the affirmative.

But, I lost the opportunity to correct it in the moment.
The class ended, we dragged our sweaty selves out the door into the cool night.

Au revoir!
Ah, shit!

So, please, let me set the record straight.
I can’t buy yoga clothes.
I can’t buy running clothes.
I can’t buy surfing, yachting, tennis, golf, scuba diving or curling clothes.

Wish I could bend the rules.
Especially after seeing this in my inbox the other day:

The truth is this:
As much as I want new yoga clothes or the totally fun and sporty running skirt pictured above on Athleta’s website, and the “performance and style” they promise; what I really want is the muscle tone in this model’s arms.

I want to be that girl.
The one who wakes up at the crack of dawn and runs effortlessly on the beach, with perfect form and without getting wet sand streaks plastered up the back of her legs.

Sure, I could drag my lazy ass out of bed at 5am and hightail it down to Vanderbilt beach. But, really, isn’t it much easier to just buy the picture of being a super goddess running on the beach than to burst out of bed in the morning?

Because I’m not buying clothes I am left with just one option…

Set the alarm clock.
While it’s not as easy, I know it is in line with my promise.
And something that could lead to both performance and a bit of style.

Because isn’t it really the muscle tone that makes me feel stylin’ under the surface?

Now, that, I can say YES to. For real.

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