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Day 52: the green monster

21 Feb

Green is hot.
Green is big.
Green is like, the new pink, which was the old black, which is definitely now so green.

Green is also gross.
Take it from me. If you read my previous green smoothie blender bender escapade, then you know green can taste worse than gross.  It can be all out ugly with a gag response.

It’s not easy being green.
Just ask Oster The Grouch — my new blender.

But, you know what is easy?
Following a proven recipe. Hum. Imagine that?

Bonnie to the rescue!
Bonnie, who reads this blog (and clearly has a better sense of culinary creations than I do) wrote in and encouraged me to try this little concoction:
green apple peeled
green grapes
Mango or banana (only a little)
Rice milk or coconut water or ice and water
Finished product should be smooth and tangy, not too sweet.

Bonnie was right on the money.
This smoothie was so smo00000oth, it was a home run hit right over my personal Green Monster.

Even Pup was green with envy.

Now, let’s check that scoreboard:
Green Smoothie = 1

Jamie = 1

Whether it’s baking, baseball or band camp, proven methods are always the best way to start. This is so clearly Learning 101, it’s silly, and almost embarrassing.

Makes me wonder:
Where else in my life could I save a little time and agony if I just used a proven recipe? Where would a simple recipe help you hit a home run over your own green monster?

It’s worth a try.
And tastes much sweeter.

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