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Day 54: flower power

23 Feb

May I tell you a story about flowers?

Today was my Vision Day with Rob Berkley and Debbie Phillips.  If I haven’t already told you all about Vision Day, it is a personal retreat and customized day of planning for your life, led by these two gurus, and in my experience it usually changes your life.

Today, Debbie started out the day by asking me to pick a flower that most represented me, right in that exact moment.

The room was full of vases and flowers in every corner and as I walked around to the various vases this super tall pink flower called my name.

It whispered, I am pink, pick me!
It was the most beautifully vibrant flower I have ever seen.

Vision Day was amazing.
I’m sure I will write more about it on another day.

For right now, this is a flower story.
At the end of the day, after all the amazing work, Debbie asked me to pick another flower.

A new flower.
One that represented where I was, in this new, exact moment.

Inside, I had a small moment of panic.
In my head, I knew there was no way I could find an even better flower than my first one.

In my heart I knew there was nothing that could compare to my beautiful pink flower.

I began walking around the room, and sure enough, my eyes caught a glimpse of the long stalk of this flower:

It was even bigger, taller, more beautiful and more in bloom.

There it was, my new, perfect flower.
The one that most represented how I felt in that very moment.

I must admit, this really isn’t a story about a flower.
It’s more like a story about transformation.

When I look at these two flowers side by side, I am reminded of this:
Just when I think I can’t go further, can’t possibly find something better, more beautiful, more perfect, all I have to do is open my eyes (and look for the right flower).

It will be there.
Ready to bloom.

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