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Day 55: yo bella!

24 Feb

Tonight, I had my first taste of this:

It’s not ice cream, it’s not fro yo, it’s actually called Yogurbella.

And according to their website it is: “Made with less than 4 major ingredients + our proprietary Yogurbella flavoring blend, it’s a simple and tasty way for supporting a balanced diet for healthy, active kids, men & women throughout the lifecycle.”

It felt like a flashback for me, to like the year 1987, when frozen yogurt was the latest trend.

Or, maybe to the year 2005, when I was a Brand Manager for Baskin-Robbins (yes, all 31 Flavors).

Maybe this is a new recipe?
Maybe it’s just a remix of the old school yogurt mix?

Either way, I can report that Yogurbella was tasty.
I even want to believe the marketing messages posted outside the door, that it is good for my head, heart, body and soul.

Well, all except for those chocolate peanut butter cups I ordered on top.

It may be cheating to call it good for my health.
But isn’t that what we really want to hear?

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