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Day 59: let the sun pass you by?

28 Feb

Tomorrow is March 1st, marking the official march to spring.
And hopefully the return of sunny warm days for my northern friends after this long, long, winter.

It will officially be the 60th day of The Promise 365.
And the 3rd day of my new skin care routine.

Here is a really embarrassing fact:
I admit to going weeks on end without washing my face more than a daily shower.  (Yeah, I know, this is where you gasp and exclaim:  “EWWWW! Grooooooss.”)

Here is the really sad fact:
I have never consistently taken care of my skin.

I don’t know why.
Mama Sling tried to instill the importance of a face washing/grooming/sunscreen routine when I was a teenager.  I ignored her advice on all skin care accounts and happily skipped out the door to bathe myself in the sunny backyard for hours at a time (With coconut oil! Have you seen how white my skin is??).

I have always been a sun worshiping fanatic.
Me. Think. Sun. Good.

Here’s the good news:
I just bought my first official skin care products devoted to taking care of my skin and helping prevent further sun damage.  Score another one for The Body at The Promise 365.

And, here’s the sunny side up.
Many experts recommend that sun exposure is key to healthy Vitamin D levels. Turns out the “sunshine vitamin” may help protect against all sorts of things you don’t want, like osteoporosis, hypertension and some cancers.

And if you want to calculate your recommended sun exposure, check out this (slightly complicated) but totally cool sun exposure tool based on your city location and type of exposure.

I will share my results tomorrow.

I know this: even on our darkest days, the sun will come back out.
Maybe not tomorrow, but, it will come out.

If you can’t wait any longer, have a listen to this fun, upbeat song “the sound of sunshine” from Michael Franti and Spearhead.

(Warning: the video has images of sunny beaches, just in case you love looking out your winter window.)

If video doesn’t play, go to
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