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Day 65: sunday night blues?

6 Mar

Tonight we headed west 5.3 miles to watch the sunset over the water.
It was beautiful, which was to be expected.

As the sun began to set, I was reminded of that dreaded disease:
The Sunday Night Blues.

I haven’t experienced full-bore Blues in a few years, not really since leaving Corporate America.

But, I clearly remember the moping around that began right around 3pm on a Sunday afternoon, just as soon the reality of a morning commute, a long week ahead, and a massive workload slowly made its way back into focus.

Tonight, a little bit of blues hit me just as the sun began to set.
It was a demarcation of the weekends official end with precious friends: one friend was already on a plane and two more are to leave in the morning.

But what a good reminder to soak in a fleeting moment.
The sunset was poignant, because I also know it will forever be a life long memory.

Beach Front Parking $3.00

Bottle of Wine: $11.00

6 Pack of Beer: $9.00

Sunset on the Beach:  Free.

Lifelong Memories: Priceless.

And really, aren’t memories some of the best investments?

Sunday night may represent the end of something good.
It’s certainly the end of reunion with friends for me, full of laughter, a few tears, new experiences and a lot of reminiscing.

But, I know it is also the beginning of something special too.

As Papa Sling always said: The sun will rise tomorrow.
Just one more opportunity for a beautiful sunset.

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