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Day 67: that red coat

8 Mar

It may be International Women’s Day around the world.
But, in my house, it is Packing Night.

This week I will leave the warm, balmy beaches of the Gulf of Mexico and head to Michigan: land of The Great Lakes and a few Superior Snowstorms.

Which means I am running around looking for a few things to plop into my suitcase, foreign objects referred to as “stockings” and “suits” and, what do you call that… oh, yeah, a “sweater“.

It seems just a few short warm weather months have spoiled my flip-flopping feet. I’m not quite ready to don a woolly turtleneck or boots.

Worse yet, I have an instant craving:
To. Go. Shopping.

Something about packing my suitcase makes me want to shop.

Just unzipping my allowed carry-on makes my mind race:
I need new boots!
I need more underwear!
I need a travel pack of shampoo!

Maybe it’s the adventure of travel that makes me want to be over-prepared?

Whatever it is, I know I am feeling this:

Something about the idea of hopping on a plane and crossing the 45th Parallel makes me want to procure that RED COAT from Day 13.

Ah, the red coat!

The 45th Parallel is half-way between the Equator and the North Pole.  A distinction shared by Minneapolis and Yellowstone National Park, as well as, Turin, Italy and Rhone Valley, France.

And, the Red Coat would be perfect in any and all of those places!

If I were shopping, I would be able to justify this purchase 10,000 ways to Sunday.

The problem is, I’m not.
Shopping that is.

There is only one thing I can do:
Stop packing.
Why daydream today what you can put it off ’till tomorrow?

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