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Day 68: pup n’ boots

9 Mar

Packing successful.
Sweater, check!
Stockings, check!
Suits, check!

Shopping, check! —-> I mean, noooooo.
No Shopping, check!

I am officially packed for snow.
Maybe with my rain boots instead of snow boots, but they will do.  Boots and all, nothing new was purchased. Whew!

I had a little help of course from my friend Pup.
He didn’t like the idea of a bag being packed without his supervision.

If only he knew where I was going.
If he knew I am traveling to the S.N.O.W. zone of Michigan — something that this little fellow for all his lying around in the sun, loves — he might be whining instead of wagging.

I feel pretty lucky actually.
I get to hang out with Ms. Debbie Phillips for an entire weekend at the R.E.N.E.W. event in Alpena, Michigan, where she is the keynote speaker.  Set up in part by a very dear Woman on Fire, Ms. Mary Ellen Jones, this weekend is all about transformation.

Are you ready for a little transformation?
Spring is almost here (officially March 20)
Daylight savings is just around the corner too (this Sunday)

I actually read about some transformation statistics today on DailyWorth:
It includes a link to the US government issued “Women in America: Indicators of Social and Economic Well-Being.”

In just a few decades, women are now earning more college degrees and graduate degrees than men. Women do more volunteer work and they still living longer than men.

But, there are some pretty sad facts too.
Along with lower wages and more depression, women seem to have some heavy lifting to do towards equality.

So here’s my thought of the day:
I believe transformation can be fast.

The first report on women was issued in 1962.
The next will be issued around 2060.

As I do my final packing for the R.E.N.E.W. conference,
I can’t help but wonder where women will be in another 49 years.

My hope is we all (men and women) are headed for brighter days.
With a lot less baggage to carry around.
(really cute boots excluded of course!)

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