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Day 69: where’s waldo

10 Mar

Today’s transportation took me to Alpena, Michigan.

It still amazes me how easy it was to go from sunny southwestern Florida to snowy and gorgeous tree-lined Alpena (even with a few bumps of hold-your-hot-coffee-before-it-spills turbulence!).

It makes me think about how geography just doesn’t matter anymore.

I can hardly live without this technology.
Even when my life feels like a virtual Where’s Waldo, and I don’t know what state I am in, I can still connect with anyone I need to. At the touch of a fingertip.

It’s the technology that lets me live anywhere and still feel as close as a next door neighbor, even thousands of miles apart.

Which reminds me…

Tomorrow is Friday.
Which means an F*ing Friday is in the works.

And here is the photo of inspiration for tomorrow:

Can you guess what the F*word will be?

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