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Day 74: secrets behind the deal

15 Mar

Yesterday, I wrote a bit about not shopping.

Today, I am totally inspired by an article about the dirty secrets of outlets.

Thanks to a post from Manisha Thakor (financial adviser extraordinaire) I got the tip about this article from LearnVest:

Dirty Secrets Of Outlet Shopping

Some of the merchandise is actually from the main store, so not all price tags are fake, but if we had to hazard a guess, we’d say around 75-80% of outlet merchandise these days carries “fake” prices built into the price tags…Which means that the “$250 shirt” that is selling for $50 was bought for around $20.

This information is no surprise.
But you know, I still love Outlet Shopping.

There’s nothing like the thrill of the deal.
The hunt.
The find.
The treasure.

I still have such fond memories of my shopping expedition in Florence, Italy.
At The Mall you can uncover total outlet deals from the likes of Gucci, Yves Saint Laurent, and Giorgio Armani.

I remember the mad rush of searching the Giorgio Armani store.
I just had to take home something, a souvenir.

And I did.
I still have two coats from that little trip.
Those coats will probably last my entire lifetime.

(So, you see, I don’t need another coat.
Even though the red coat calls my name.)

What I appreciate about the article, is this:
The awareness that sometimes shopping is just a a reminder, physical proof, and tangible evidence that we made the trip.

Shopping use to be my outlet for stress, confusion, voids, and vindication.
It was also my way of collecting souvenirs from this lifetime.

Maybe I will go back to the outlets after this year, and maybe I won’t.

But, this article does make me stop and think:
What could be better evidence of a life worth living, than proof I invested in my head, heart, body & soul.

Could there be a better souvenir than that?

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