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Day 76: Wax on, wax OMG!!!

17 Mar

Next week we head to Mexico.
So, brainiac over here decided to cash in a coupon and head to Brazil first.
At the European Wax Center, billed as the ultimate wax experience.

It sounded so wonderful, no need to pack razors for a week long trip to Mexico!
Sign me up.

Plus Irina said it is “virtually painless” on the website.

As soon as I stepped through the doors and into the whitewashed bright lobby, I could feel my nerves dangling on their last thread.

My “waxer”, we’ll call her Mary, was of course wonderful.
She took the time to explain the process, describe why their own brand of purple wax is the best, no need for paper with this team.

But Irena lied.
Liar, liar, bikini line on fire.

Mary looked at me sympathetically through her surgical mask, raised an eyebrow and said:

“Some women who don’t wax regularly just can’t tolerate the pain, do you want me to stop?”

The competitor in me rose to the occasion.
She didn’t know who she was dealing with …I’m not just “some woman” over here.

With sweat dripping down my brow and armpits, I motioned for her to continue, clenching my teeth.

In the end, Mary was right.
I couldn’t do it.

I opted for the less than Brazilian excursion.
More like a little drive through the Poconos.

Thank goodness it was massage day over here.
And it couldn’t get here quick enough.
As soon as I left the wax center I escaped to the spa for an 80 minute deep tissue massage. And if I ever needed one, today was the day.

Which brings me back to what I promised to write more about:
Positive Rituals

If you took the energy quiz yesterday you are on your way to identifying where your energy systems are weak.

The next step is putting positive rituals into place.
Or, said more simply, making sure your body refuels regularly.

Go from intention to habit.
I love this saying: integrity is intention put into action.

We are creatures of habit.
We do, what we do, when we do it.  Over and over.
That’s why it’s hard to change.

Here’s the secret that Tony shares in his video:
If you want to make a change, you need to create highly specific behaviors that become automatic over time.

If you want to add more relaxation into your life, ask yourself this:
How can I ritualize it?

So then how do you know it is a ritual?
When it feel worse not to do it, than to actually do it.

Pretty simple steps really.

Want an example?
Take me:  I wanted to make a change in my life.

I wanted to invest in my head, heart, body & soul for one entire year.
But, I knew I needed support. I needed a way to stay on track. I needed it to be positive and healthy and not feel like a downer when I couldn’t shop.

So what’s the ritual: no buying clothes or shoes and writing about it every single day.

How do I know it’s a ritual:
I would feel worse skipping a day of writing than buying a pair of shoes!

I believe you can do anything for a year.
And, I believe you can change your life.

It just takes a few positive rituals to get started.

If you want to add a ritual of waxing to your life, I’ve got a $5 coupon.
And, it’s all yours!

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