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Day 81: the magical T-shirt

22 Mar

Let me tell you something I know about clothes and Americans…

T-shirts are magical.
If you need to sell something, raise money, start a movement, or end an argument, I say this:  design a T-shirt.

I know from experience.
When I was a sports marketing newbie at University of Michigan Athletic Department, I was given an almost impossible task at the time, which was:

1) Fill the bleachers.
2) For a soccer game.
3) For the women’s team.

We’re talking about a Big Ten school and alumni base that lived for Football Saturdays, (note that was not spelled Futbol).

As a former athlete, I was a firm believer that the women’s team was the biggest, absolutely most deserving, recipients of stands full of fans.

The problem was … it hadn’t happened yet.

So enter me: young, optimistic, not one to shy away from a challenge.

What did I do:
1) Got a sponsor (Thank you Pepsi —> that’s another story for another day)
2) Used money to buy tons of T-shirts.
3) Plastered the campus with signs that read “Free T-shirt to first 500 fans”

Packed Stands (overflowing!).
Happy Fans.
Deserving Team.

All because of a T-shirt.

T-shirts are a magic elixir.
And not just for college kids.

Want more proof?
This showed up in my in-box today, from RueLaLa:

And, I’m not buying it.
Because of The Promise 365.

But, I do respect the campaign.
Hey, if it takes a T-shirt to help save the world, I’m all for it.

I might not be shopping,
But, who said shopping can’t change the world?
Maybe we just need some more well designed T-shirts?

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