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Day 82: do what you love

23 Mar

It’s Day 82 and raining in New York City.
Also hailing.

I swear it was also snowing when we first touched down at JFK airport …nonetheless, it was an opportunity to bring out the rain boots and sport my new super warm and cozy hand-me-down Michigan rain coat from Mary Ellen Jones!

Tonight’s big event was seeing Ina Garten and Anna Quindlen on stage at the 92nd Y in New York City. (Thanks to you Debbie Phillips!)

There clearly was a lot of respect between Ina and Anna, and it kind of felt like a large dinner party hosted between the dynamic duo and a few hundred friends (without the homemade food of course).

And, what an amazing dynamic duo they are!
One a writer extraordinaire, one a cooking goddess.

The last time I saw Anna live on stage was at my Smith College graduation where she gave the commencement speech and I received a very important piece of paper (one that cost a lot of time and money, which ironically, I have since lost in many moves).

I remember being spellbound then.

That was fifteen years ago, and Anna’s message on feminism stuck in my head like glue. It was (paraphrasing): men and women need to come together, they need to meet in the middle.

I had the same warm-hearted feeling tonight, listening to Ina.

Ina shared the approach to creating her own brand of success:
She didn’t set out to be a brand, with a long-running TV show, bestselling cookbooks, and a whole culinary line of fabulous-ness.

She just did what she loved.
(with high standards!)

Thank you, Ina.
It is clearly proven advice.
I love it.

And, it makes me think:
The Promise 365 reminds me everyday that
Life should be lived from the inside out.

Tonight, Ina just added frosting to the cake.
Because when we all do what we love, we get to have our cake and eat it too!

How sweet that is.

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