Day 86: se vende?

27 Mar

It feels like summertime and the shopping is easy.
Here in Mexico one can’t escape the local vendors.

They come to you.
Whether sitting at a restaurant or sitting on the beach.

Se vende?
Want a new silver bracelet?
Want a bright pink strapless beach dress?
Want a kabob with shrimp and papaya?

It’s so not easy not to shop!

Today we popped into Hotel Hafa just for a second.
The bright red wall beckoned me with an embrace.
“Come inside!” she whispered. “Just for a quick visit!”

Inside I found this amazing mirror.
The borders were bunches of roses made out of metal.
It was beautiful. It was so well crafted.
And, it was just the sort of thing I would take home …if I were shopping.

I would show you a photo but when I asked the shopkeeper if it was okay to snap a quick pic, she said, “the owners prefer you don’t.”

Clearly, they get the question frequently.

I told her about this blog, and begged for a little snap of the camera.
But, she declined. Good employee!

But, she did tell me this:
She has lived 6 years away from her Canadian homeland.
She traveled from South America to Mexico over these years.

Unfortunately she had to return home to Canada to visit an ill family member, and she described it as culture shock …because of the shopping.

When she returned to Canada, she observed this:
Consumerism runs rampant with her Northern sisters.

If they don’t have the right boots in the right color, they will just go out and buy new ones.

Yes. I know!
She could have been describing someone I know (me 87 days ago!).

Being here, makes me want to buy.
Because I want to remember the trip.

I want to remember the roosters crowing in the morning (why not buy that hand painted rooster pottery?).

I want to remember the beach and surf and long afternoons sipping margaritas sitting on the sand (how about those totally adorable Reef sandals?).

I want to hold onto the memory of Hotel Hafa’s welcoming boutique with the red walls and the silver sculpture adorning each wall (why not get that mirror?)

I want the feeling of vacation.
I want to take it all home.

And I will.
On my camera.

Se, vende?
No, gracias!

One Response to “Day 86: se vende?”

  1. Trisha March 27, 2011 at 11:40 PM #

    I think a silver bracelet is an investment in the soul. Right? You mean it isn’t?

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