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Day 89: redo. redone. rerun?

30 Mar

Last night, I promised to post the miracle photos from our exploration day, and I will at the bottom of this post.

Last night, I also hinted at the latest newsflash as it was feverishly developing — we were locked out of our first floor villa.

The good news is we all piled onto cushions from the couch which were dutifully re-purposed as make-shift mattresses on the tiled floor.

I can’t complain.
It was warm and dry.

It was much like what Justin’s sister would call “Glamping”
You know:  Camping + Glamorous = Glamping.

The villa management showed up this morning bright and early, fixed the broken lock, and we were back in business and off to the village for my morning… wait… wait for it… MOCHA!

And you wouldn’t believe who I ran into.
I mean seriously?
In Mexico.
In a little village town halfway across the world from the coast I call home.

Yup, you guessed it.
The bride and groom from my first trip.

There, out of the corner of my little eye I spotted the most adorable little girl on earth with curly hair, bright blue eyes and the spark only owned by a  two-and-a-half-year-old running into the cobblestone street. Her mother hurried after and scooped her up.

Just then, for a brief second I locked eyes with her mama.
And, I knew in an instant that I KNEW THIS WOMAN.

Could it be she?
Would she remember that, I, was me?

We held that universal three second stare, you know the “I-think-we-know-each-other” eye lock.

And we indeed did.

In this little Mexican village, with years and miles between us we embraced and caught up. I announced I was divorced and caught her up-to-speed. And, I met her two adorable daughters for the first time.

This trip was indeed my Re-Do.
Original bride and groom included.

I firmly believe I am entitled to a re-do for every place on this planet that holds a memory from my previous life, my married self. It’s much like a ceremonial burning of sage or spring cleaning.

It is not lost on my heart that I was meant to return to this sunny spot on earth.

I mean, what are the chances I would run into this couple?
It was their last day here.
We could have chosen different roads to walk down on this sunny Mexican morning, but we chose the same one.

We met in the middle of the street.
But we were different.

This time, I arrived in this Mexican village a different woman.
I am much stronger, clearer, older, and some days even wiser.

Last time I saw those two they were just bride & groom, today they had two beautiful angels in their arms.

And, I, clearly have one sitting on my shoulder.
There must be some little angel looking out for me.

I would like to thank her for the re-do.

It is now officially re-done.
And, that’s an investment in my head, heart, body & soul if you ask me.

Plus, I kind of get the feeling we will will return to this sunny spot for the re-run of this place some day in the future too… maybe even before I get the chance to visit all those other vacation spots on the Master Re-Do List.

Until then, the miracle of yesterday sits below:
Vaya con dios!

Day 88: don’t stop before the miracle

30 Mar

Posting this one late, 11:14 pm Mexico time. We just piled out of a rental vehicle and made it up the hill in time for me to send this one home.

I was going to write about miracles, and I will.
But, ironically, as we return to our villa after a long day of driving and exploring, we find ourselves (of all things) locked out!

Yes, it’s ironic.
I find it funny.

Mostly because this is not the first time I have been locked out of my villa in this small Mexican town, but at least this time we are only locked out of one level of the villa and there is a second floor we can all access, with running water, toilets, blankets and beds.

I will update you on this new adventure tomorrow.

But, for tonight, here’s what I have to share about today:
We rented a car and drove north in search of ancient ruins and an elusive waterfall.

However, this is what we found instead:

  • long dirt roads that led nowhere
  • natives who did not speak English but nodded their heads and pointed a lot
  • good spots for road side potty breaks behind our rental suburban
  • one small spot for a party member to puke
  • banana farms
  • watermelon fields
  • goats
  • iguanas
  • geckos
  • pigs
  • ducks
  • dogs
  • cats
  • skinny cows


As we drove down our third dirt road of the day, only to be stopped by a barbwire fence, we were ready to give up.

The waterfall just wasn’t going to happen.
Despite all the directions, our tour book and a decrepit sign that read cascade, it was nowhere to be found.
The roads were ending, we were on a wild Mexican goose chase.

I blame the tour book published too many years ago to be accurate.

As we stopped and took a break at that barbwire fence, we sent one party member down the hill just to confirm there was indeed water on the other side of the hill.  I mean, where there is water and a hill, there must be a cascade somewhere.

On the jog down our party member found a man on a horse with a dog.
He confirmed the cascade was just down the road.

But which road — it was becoming the ever elusive question.

It was in that moment that we took a vote.
It would decide the rest of our day.
Either we turn back home or we try again, one more time.

We had come so far, no one wanted to turn back, but the long and dusty road was the last thing we wanted to drive down for a third time.

We voted to move forward.
To try again.

And we did.
What did we find?

The tallest, most beautiful waterfall, cascading down the mountain into a pool of turquoise water.

As we splashed in the water, jumping from rock to rock, it made me think of something Debbie Phillips says all the time:

“Don’t stop before the miracle.”
(a quote from Marianne Williamson)

And, that’s just what we did.
We didn’t stop.
And, there was a miracle.

On our hike back up the mountain after playing in the cascade, we saw it.
Perched just feet away from us was a vulture waiting to take flight.
He stood there long enough for me to catch a photo, (which I will have to share tomorrow because this borrowed computer doesn’t have a card slot).
As I type this tonight, I have one thought in my mind.
If you want to go sightseeing, purchase a ticket, get a guide and stick to the schedule.

But, if you want an adventure to remember for a lifetime, get in the car and drive.
The miracle awaits.

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