Day 114: quick like a bunny

24 Apr

Here comes Peter Cotton Tail.
If there is one thing about the Easter Bunny to respect, it’s his stick-to-it-ness. Showing up year after year, basket in hand, at the mall, at the car dealership, the grocery store, you name it!

Even yesterday, we spotted this bunny at the Farmer’s Market:

I remember an Easter from my past, where one of my uncles dressed up in an Easter Bunny costume. He was the biggest Easter Bunny I had ever seen!

One by one, THE GREAT BIG BUNNY in my Aunt’s living room handed out basket bonanzas to each one of my cousins and to me.

All that loot promptly turned into a glorious sugar rush.

No surprise who was bouncing down the bunny trail after chomping off chocolate bunny ears and blue candy eyes.  (Still, I was always disappointed to find out those chocolate bunnies were hollow inside.)

This morning, instead of wading through a basket full of plastic pink grass I perused through the pages of a book.

It was almost as good as candy!

The book is a short read (I finished it before lunch).

Do The Work by Steven Pressfield
This new book from the author of The War of Art and the Domino Project (Seth Godin’s brainchild) is full of ideas about YOUR ideas.

If you have a creative spark in your heart or mind (is there a business, restaurant, book, store or program brewing inside of you?) and you want to bring that inkling of an idea into this world, well, this is a great book to get you going.

Here’s what I loved about the book:
it addresses what holds all of us back from accomplishing our great ideas: RESISTANCE.

As an Idea-Girl I can attest to this:  for every 1 great thing I’ve ever finished, completed or seen through to the end, I probably have 150 other ideas that never made their way off the drawing board.

That’s what makes The Promise 365 so personally powerful. I love that it forces me to take one small step forward to my goal every single day.

And, I love Do The Work because it helped get some sticky stuff unstuck in my own head.

Like the fact that “resistance” will rear its ugly head, we can count on it to show up in any project.

It’s not all in my head.
And, as small as that seems, it brought me some relief.
Here’s hoping it might just bring you some too.

And, the icing on the cake?
Since it is sponsored by GE it’s free to all of us. That’s right, it’s a “sponsored book” which means you can download it for FREE on your Kindle.  No kidding.

I truly believe we can do anything our heart desires.
Sometimes we just need a little nudge to get started.

Here’s one if you need it:
Quick, like a bunny!  Get your FREE copy of Do The Work.

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