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Day 142: big shop of horrors

22 May

I sat for over three hours waiting to buy something today.
Three hours!

If I could, I don’t think I would spend that much time shopping for clothes or shoes.  Or, maybe I would…

Where was I?

If you guessed car dealership, you’re right.
My lease is soon up and I decided to buy out my lease.  (It’s okay, it’s allowed as my car is a necessity.)

But, not buying into other frivolity has me way out of shopping savvy practice, and has left me with dwindled stores of patience.

Plus, car shopping, well that’s just an entirely different shop of horrors.

As I sat in the hard, sturdy chair at the car dealership and was tossed between the sales guy and finance gurus like a revolving door, I couldn’t help but think…

If all shopping was this long, deliberate and tedious I surely would never do it.

I once read that as far as purchasing goes, the heftier the price tag, the more the shopper doesn’t get what they originally intended or wished for (houses, condos, cars specifically) due to over researching and analyzing.

Makes sense to me.

First, the process is just so damned long.
Second, it’s not usually an impulse buy.
Third, the price tag is so high it is irresponsible not to do the research.

And…if I might add:
There so many add-ons, tack-ons, and special warranties/insurance options/potential catastrophes to decide upon it’s easy to end up far beyond where you started.

Today, it was certainly enough to make more than my tires spin.  If felt more like my head spinning out of control.

After leaving with papers in hand I just wanted one thing:
a nap.

I remember shopping being way more fun.
And, I guess I will have to wait until 2012 to really find out.

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