Day 143: need some sunshine?

23 May

What was your “first” favorite color?

When I was a “little Jamie” my favorite color was yellow.
Chartreuse, lemon yellow, dandelion.  I loved them all.  If one would have been called sunshine I would have chosen it first!  I am worshiper of the sun, of warmth, of happiness.

In fact, I worked my crayons down to the little nub of those bright, sunny and happy yellows.

Now that I am a “big Jamie” I have officially made a sunny move.  This morning, I became a card carrying member of sunshine yellow.

A form of yellow that is aptly named the sunshine state.

Jamie, meet Florida.
Florida, meet Jamie.
You two should get along just fine.

Today, I officially transferred south, just as I pack for our drive back north.
Tomorrow, we leave for the long drive to Martha’s Vineyard for the summer.

I hear it’s a balmy 50-ish degrees up there!
So before I swap my flip flops and tennis skirt for sweaters and a rain coat I found a few tunes to put me in a sunny mental state.

You can read this list of over 100 sunshine songs if you want or need a little sunning up yourself.

As I pack up everything I own into little piles of “take” and “leave” for the summer months, I ponder if I have what I need (because I CAN’T buy anything!!).

But, then, a few minutes ago in the middle of my apartment (an apartment that looks like a bomb just went off between boxes and piles and papers!) a little diddy from Ms. Sheryl Crow reminded me:

It’s not having what you want.
It’s wanting what you’ve got.

May the sun find you this week.
Tomorrow I will be writing form the road…


P.S. A few chosen sunny songs are highlighted below.
From Sheryl Crow to The Beatles to Len there should be something for everyone.

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