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Day 145: road trip anyone?

25 May

Road trip anyone?

Today, the second leg of our road trip North, took us straight to the South ~ South of the Border that is and a much welcome break from road warrior status.

South of the Border is one crazy place. 
With 100 miles of billboards leading up to the eventual arrival one cannot help but stop.  I love how even their own billboards refer to the stuff for sale as “cheap crap” (and believe me I didn’t buy anything!).

But, I did appreciate the eye candy and the chance to stretch our legs (Pup’s too!).

They even supply “pet restrooms” for those with four legs.

While it was a long day on the road, I was happy to have a chance to catch up with my favorite road trip buddies:  the NPR team. 

In between NPR station reception, whenever static began to take over the air waves, I scanned through the remaining stations looking for a new car trip buddy (while at the same time trying to lift my very sore hiney off the seat to reduce the throbbing from sitting too long in one place).  I found rap, oldies, christian sermons, local car salesman screaming at me and a wide variety of mixed tunes.

Which I gladly sat through until the next NPR station came into reception.

Tonight, as I begin to rest my head, it occurs to me that I probably learned more today in the car than I have all month in front of my computer.

And it reminds me why a mixed perspective is good.
When I’m in control of my news I pick the stuff that interests me.  But, when I am forced to tune in and can’t click away I get a much more well-rounded review of what’s going on in this world.

Today alone, I celebrated Oprah’s final show, debated the Supreme Court’s decision on California prison overcrowding, discussed abstract art with Frank Stella, caught up on Obama’s trip to Europe, and pondered the role of women in comedy with Paul Fieg and Maya Rudolph of the movie Bridesmaids and so much more…

All that and I drove through 5 states and went South of the Border.

Not bad for a day’s work.
I think I’ll call it a night and give this head some rest.

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