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Day 153: isn’t it ironic?

2 Jun

A strange thing happened on my way home today…

Jesus Jones came on the radio singing Right Here, Right Now.

If you read Day 152 yesterday, then you know the significance of this song for me.

I can’t tell you the last time I heard this song on the radio.

Years?  Maybe even decades?  So, the day after I write about it, it pops on the air waves as soon as I buckle into my car?  Really?

Is it ironic?  
Coincidence?  Synchronicity?  Serendipity?

Maybe it’s just good timing.
But, I will say this, the more I take good care of myself, my head, my heart, body and soul, the more I don’t question these strange occurrences.

It’s as if somebody or something is listening.
Right here.  Right now.

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