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159: dress for success

8 Jun

Today I pulled the tags off a brand new dress. 
It has been sitting in my closet since October, the day I bought it, waiting for the right event, the memorable moment, the perfect day.

It’s the last dress I purchased since beginning this year long promise and it’s from an amazing designer: Cibeline Boston.

Cibeline makes dresses that fit. 
Not dresses that kind of fit, or sort of fit, but dresses that fit just right.  She customizes each outfit to really fit her clientele, real women, who are concave or curvy  ~ Cibeline includes in-store alterations to custom fit all body types.

So it seems befitting that today I pulled off the tags and threw on the last “new” item in my closet, a dress that fit just right for one incredible day.

It began with a tour of The Ohio Union with Tracy Stuck (one amazing human being) who led Debbie Phillips and Jan Allen (two Ohio alums) on a walk down memory lane.

It ended with a Women on Fire gathering of college women and seasoned women too.

They were all amazing.

I feel honored to have spent my day in the light of some amazing and fabulous young women, some who are just starting out on their journey, some who are graduating this weekend, leaving the place they have known as “home” for the last four (or more!) years and leaping into that great next step.

And some women were far beyond that “first step” and well into their big steps, great leaps going to infinity and beyond and back again.

As I sat in the energy and enthusiasm of all these women, it was no surprise to me why I finally chose to wear this dress, on this day, to finally tear off the tags that kept it tucked away and “new” in my closet.

It’s a great thing to find something that fits just right. 
Whether it’s a job, a calling, a family, a friend, a hometown, a college, a major, a partner, a religion, or even just a dress.

There’s hope in knowing that if something doesn’t fit just right, then, it’s just not for you.  And there is relief in knowing when you finally find that thing that fits, it’s your job to hug it tight and hold it gently.

And, when we do find it, well, that means it’s time. 
Time to take it out of our closet and wear it.

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