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Day 162: a free movie on a rainy day

11 Jun

It’s a rainy Saturday here on the island, which is good for three things:

Reading books, catching up on email and watching movies.

On this dreary day, under the gray sky and wind blown trees, this is what my head discovered:

I hate finishing a good book.
I am a few chapters away from finishing Broken Open:How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow by Elizabeth Lesser.  What a perfect day to finish reading a book!  But, I can hardly force myself to do it.

I have had this problem since Madeleine L’Engle found me in A Wrinkle In Time as a little girl.  Once I finish, my new friends disappear forever onto the book shelf … maybe that’s why I am constantly starting books and not finishing them?

I wish I had a home to decorate.
And of course, I also wish I could shop for it too.  Because if I did, and I could, I would … go directly to this website recommended by my FB pal Mary Thurston.  I have been daydreaming about it all day: One Kings Lane

I love green tea.
I think I am now on my 6th or 7th cup of hot water today.  It’s cold here, colder than summer should be and my only remedy is a big woolly sweater, thick, heavy socks and numerous cups of tea.

And, finally, I can’t say no to a free movie.
In the middle of all this I was totally distracted by this movie:

Burzynksi: Cancer Is Serious Business

It’s a documentary of sorts, following the story of one doctor who has a cure for cancer and has been defending himself against the government and FDA for decades.

The movie is free to watch for the next few days and you can view it below if you are interested.  Warning: it will make your head spin.

I hope the sun found you somewhere today. 
And, if you too were surrounded by rain then I wish you the thrill of finding some hidden treasures, maybe in a good book, a warm cup of tea and a corner to sit and daydream.

As for me, I’m off to (reluctantly) finish reading a book.

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