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Day 166: jamie oliver’s chocolate buns

15 Jun

Today, Debbie presented me with my own namesake magazine!
Jamie: making you a better cook

As you know, I’m an impostor, a poser, a fake, a stand-in, a phony.
Will the real Jamie who knows how to make you a better cook please stand up?

Here he is from issue 18 of his magazine.

I can’t wait to dive into Jamie’s recipes, and see if I can find something that’s on this Jamie’s current eating list (sans sugar and dairy, hopefully some gluten free).

Although I must admit, in my quick perusal the “chocolate buns” recipe caught my eye and sweet tooth.  I’m sure I’ll find something suitable in the mag with 82 “easy” recipes.

With this sort of help I think it’s time this Jamie goes back to the kitchen.

The Promise 365 started out with my attempt to cook every other night. On Day 12 I decided I was going to do this cooking thing …and we all know how that ended.  But now I’m armed and ready to get back in action.

I want to try a few raw recipes this summer.

And, I’m excited to dive into my friend Andrea Beaman’s cookbook: Health Is Wealth.

Plus, my friend Phoebe Lapine just launched her first cookbook In The Small Kitchen which I still need to buy. But, I’ll do it Phoebe, promise!!

With all this support hovering around me I have no more excuses.

Since this weekend is Father’s Day, I’ll take in my father’s borrowed words from Nike (the ones he would say to nudge me forward as a teenager):  JUST DO IT

So, here I am … in the kitchen … ready to go … any minute now … just you wait … here I come.

(Somewhere Jamie Oliver’s chocolate buns must be shaking in his British boots.)

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