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Day 172: are you one of those people?

21 Jun

Today I realized I am happily turning into someone I previously made fun of:
one of those people.

Not only am I regulating my nutrition and trying to lead a life without sugary treats, little gluten and even less dairy, I am now officially a dog owner who treats her canine like her kiddo.

I have always LOVED dogs.  But, I would snicker at couples walking their pooch down the street in a doggie sweater, setting up doggie play dates and buying biscuits at the pet bakery.

I have always been fond of food ~ especially dessert! And, I wouldn’t hesitate to turn my nose up at people who shunned soda and said no to chocolate.  How could they?

Never say never.
These days I look in the mirror and see someone just like “them” with a collection of doggie outfits who is an official card carrying member of the kale and flax club (recipe card that is).

I guess I was probably just like all of “those people” all along.
Isn’t that usually the case when it comes to passing judgment.

Pup’s just a dog.
And, I’m just a dog’s step-mommy.
He’s only been in my life for a little over two years.
But it already feels like a lifetime.

I guess that’s how it goes when you wake up and find the word “step” attached to your title.  It involves lots of love and a lifetime commitment.

And commitment is what this year is all about: to my head, heart, body & soul.

Now, as we await Pup’s final tests, I really understand how much room this little pooch takes up in the heart part of that equation.  I would buy an entire flat of doggie treats from the pet bakery if it would make him better.

I’m sure you can understand.
That is, if you’re one of us.

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