Day 173: pop quiz! a cause for celebration

22 Jun

Today ends with a few things to celebrate around here:

1)  I spent the afternoon in Starbucks and DID NOT order a Mocha!

2)  Two of our favorite people in this world sold their house on different coasts on the same day! (and not to each other)

3)  The best news of all, the Pup Report came back with no new news ~ which is good news!

All cause for celebration if you ask me.

Looks like our little guy will spend the next few weeks on bed rest in order to hopefully heal up and get well soon.

Our little Pup’s condition had me thinking hard over the last few days about how much good health is something to celebrate, nourish, and protect.

So here’s to your good health.

And here’s your Pop Quiz:
How do you want to celebrate your good health?
What do you want to keep doing?
What do you want to stop doing?
What do you want to add in?

I hope you have a moment to ponder this too.
I’ll share my own answers tomorrow.

Until then….

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