Day 177: sisterhood of the traveling dress

26 Jun

Have you ever felt like you were just supposed to be somewhere at a certain time ~ even though it wasn’t planned, you couldn’t predict it and never expected it?  But there you found yourself anyway?

That’s how I felt this week having to rush off the island with Pup’s little emergency.

It put me on the “other side” with no toothbrush, my pajamas and one change of clothes.  Then, I tried to get a ferry reservation home and there were none available until this weekend.

From the outside it looked like I was stuck.
Serendipity would have it another way.

My second day on the mainland, while still awaiting Pup’s test results, I found out my dear friend Sara sold her house.  I thought I had all summer to see her and hang out before her move to Texas, but in an instant their moving time table was pushed up.

So it turned out “being stuck” soon turned into an opportunity to see friends before their move and then attend our cousin’s wedding shower today.

Which was all very exciting, and seemed very “meant to be” ~ and it would have been if I had packed more than a t-shirt, pair of capris and tennis shoes.

This, as you probably already guessed, is what dear friends are for!

First, I dug through some of Cindie’s clothes in Brian’s basement.  Aha!  One tan summer dress to the rescue!  This was on Thursday and I threw it in my little day bag knowing it would do the trick …but I didn’t try it on until today.

This dress was TOO SHORT.

I showed Sara my dilemma (the sort of dilemma that occurs when you’re 6 feet tall and afraid to bend over) and said, “I think I need to borrow a dress?”

To which she smiled a best-friend smile and said “that’s cute” and I promptly followed her into her closet.

The second dress I tried on was TOO LONG elongating me even more.

The third dress made me feel TOO EXPOSED.

By this time our “girls-too-old-to-play-dress-up” giggles were starting to surface and Sara had an epiphany.  “I’ve got the perfect dress!” she exclaimed.  “Hold on a minute while I go find it.”

I was not prepared for what Sara would uncover but it would create a wave of giggles and laughter.  So loud it got the attention of Sara’s three-year old named Luka who came running to the room to see what all the ruckus was about.

“What’s so funny Gigi?” he asked me in his cute little voice, calling me that adorable little name he always has since he was a baby and couldn’t pronounce my real name.

“This is funny,” I said as I showed him the dress.

The dress was from Sara’s high school years and while it was actually beautifully hand tailored and fine stitched, it was either TOO COW or TOO CURTSY for today.  While I’m not sure which one is a better description I thought the hat she found to match definitely topped it off!

Finally, after all the silliness settled down I found the dress.
The one that fit JUST RIGHT.

The ironic part is it used to be my dress!  I gave it to Sara a few years ago because it was so roomy in the middle and she was pregnant with her second child.  Turns out the dress fits me and I think it might fit any body ~ like a magical dress.  At least today it certainly felt like we were part of the Sisterhood Of The Traveling Dress as I whisked it off to the wedding shower and now back to the island.

Right before I headed out for the wedding shower, Luka looked up at me, his little angelic face confused and said, “Why aren’t you wearing the cow dress Gigi?”

I wish I could have told him all about Serendipity and Irony.
And, someday I will.
But today I just said, “This one fit better.  It was just right.”

4 Responses to “Day 177: sisterhood of the traveling dress”

  1. Hana June 27, 2011 at 10:39 AM #

    You look gorgeous!

    • Jamie June 27, 2011 at 10:52 AM #

      Ah, thanks Hana … and that’s with shower head 😉 So love your notes here, thanks for following along!! Talk soon. xo~Jamie

  2. Lindsey February 26, 2012 at 12:33 PM #

    Heeeeelllllooooooo! This was a rad moment…I found you randomly on Pinterest 🙂 heehee! You popped onto my computer and waved hello in your pretty dress. I’m thinking ’bout ya and miss you! love, linz

    • Jamie February 26, 2012 at 1:04 PM #

      Ah, I miss YOU too, Linz! Wish I could just hop in my car and come over and hang out with you and Jackson — he must be so big now! Big hug to you all. xo~Jamie

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