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Day 180: what’s in the box?

29 Jun

It’s today.  And that means I will share what’s in the box. At least that’s what I promised yesterday to share tomorrow… and tomorrow is now here.

That’s the funny thing about tomorrow.
It quickly turns into today.

So, back to yesterday.
In a total surprise I received a box full of …you guessed it clothes and shoes!

It was a very nice gesture from Justin’s mom (we wear the same size) and I am not too proud to accept hand-me-downs (in fact I accept with glee!) especially in this non-shopping spree year.

It made me feel remembered and loved.

That’s one of my style points from the work Holly Getty did with me at the very beginning of the year (like Day 14!).

Speaking of the beginning of the year…
It’s almost half-way through 2011 and we will officially hit the “hump” this week. Being in the middle makes me think deeply about where the time has gone, where I’ve been and where I’m going.

I’m sitting here almost touching half-way between 2011 and 2012, and ironically so are you.  Just like tomorrow turned into today, that 1 will soon enough roll over to 2.

Just the thought of it has me making lists.
Lists that include things I want to do, try, experience and dive into in order to round out this year of taking care of my head, heart, body & soul.

I’ll share my lists and ideas with you in a series over the next few days called “Jamie In The Middle” and I can’t wait to hear your ideas too.  And, I will also share what I’ve learned so far and a few of the surprises along the way.

But there’s still one thing not allowed on the list.


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