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Day 215: another chip off the old block

3 Aug

You’ve. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.
I am pouting.  I am officially sullen, droopy and sad.

My tooth chipped again!
I can’t believe it.  On one hand, I feel silly for even caring, on the other, I feel ugly and forever marred.

Part of me feels embarrassed for going on and on about my pretty new tooth, all fixed up, straight-edged and white.  It’s as if I asked for this, as if I cared too much about how I looked, as if, somebody, somewhere is making their point.

Well, I am listening.  I hear you.
Can YOU HEAR ME universe/god/higher being/person out there pulling my puppet strings?

As I sit here, AGAIN, with a chipped front tooth, experiencing a feeling worse than déjà vu, I can’t help but remember another time I felt this way —- Read: put in her place.

I was in college, at Cottey College, just finishing my Freshman year, and had just scooped up a litany of honors at the end-of-year awards ceremony.  I was riding on Cloud Nine, basking in the glow of my own achievements (and larger-than-life head).

Just as I extended my hand to shake the college president’s hand, and just as she was congratulating me on my accomplishments, I felt a wetness on my arm.  I looked down, and there, sitting on my forearm, was a deposit from above.  Yes, a bird deposit.  Some aviary messenger decided to drop by and show me just how human I was, right there, right in front of the president.

I mean, what are the chances of that?
The timing alone is a pretty impressive feat to carry off, let alone a direct hit to MY arm.  My extended arm.  I could have moved an inch and it would have missed me.

Message Received ~ tone down your ego dear high and mighty one.

So, as I sit here tonight, with a chip on my shoulder and my tooth, I can’t help but feel totally silly for being so bummed out by my broken smile.  But, I am.  I have to be honest.

And, while pouting won’t fix my broken tooth, it does in a strange way feel good to my sorry head.  Tomorrow, I call the dentist (the sweetest dentist in the world).  Again.

Until then, I am reminded of something Mama Sling always said:
It matters not what’s on the outside.
It’s what’s on the inside that counts.

And, that’s good enough for my head tonight.

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